Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eat Shit & Die.

I hate Thursdays. And I particularly hate TODAY. No one better piss me off today because I'm in serious BITCH MODE.

Why? Let me see.
  • I'm PMSing. Like. Fucking Seriously in a Fucking BAD MOOD!

  • Its Month end Accounting Period, need I say more.

  • My upcoming event this weekend is falling a little behind schedule.

  • My body and my back aches like fucking hell.

  • I've got a house to vacuum & mop and its still not freaking done.

  • I've got laundry to hang and its raining and my existing clothes are still damp!

  • Oh.. wait.. did I say I'm seriouly PMSing!

  • There are no dance classes available today so I have nothing to work out to.

  • My knee hurts so climbing stairs is out of the question.

  • I'm sleepy but I have work to do.

  • I have 22 Potatoes to bake for tomorrow's teacher's day celebration and have no idea how I'm going to season it.

  • I just ran out of Ribena and juice.

  • I'm STILL feeling bloated and still feeling nauseaus from last night's Tortilla.
And the bitching can just go on and on and on... excuse me while I scream into my pillow and throw it out of the window. You have been warned.


yours forever. said...

hey pamela, i love reading your blog! (: im feeling pms-y too, to hell with periods!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Yours Forever... Thanks! I love it when people come out of the woodwork and actually communicate with me :)

And yea!! TO HELL WITH PERIODS!!!!!! *roar*