Sunday, August 03, 2008

Spree: Eye of the Day Eyeshadow Pictures!

With the latest spree craze where you can get products from the US/China/Aus/Ca at dirt cheap discounted prices, many sprees have been opening up for various products that are not available in Singapore. Ie. I got sports bras from La Senza for ONLY S$10!! iNsaNe right!!? GNC items online too are at least 40-50% cheaper than retail here even with shipping. Costume Jewellery at only $10 a pop and very comparable in quality and some nicer in design to our local costume/silver jewellery stores, face masks at only $0.85 per mask as compared to our local $2.50 a piece!... there are so many more! *hiding IB gadget from buying more*

My latest spree item is an 88 colour eyeshadow palette! Only $28 INCLUDING shipping & postage. Such a steal! I won't need eyeshadow for a very very long time! The colours are so very swee and I consoled myself that if it looked too shocking for my face ie for a person like me who only uses white/pink/brown eyeshadow only on the regular basis at most, I could always give it to my girls to princess themselves up!

So on my parenting board, there is this thing called Eye of the Day where the moms there do up their daily eyeshadow and post up eyeshot pictures to share. We learn how to combine colours and techniques. So with my new palette, I contributed my first EOTD shot with my girls!

I had an event yesterday for a Pre-National Day Fireworks party on the rooftop of a certain hotel with one of my clients and my girls came along for the party too! We were all colour coordinated and came up with these!....

Excuse the "all over the place" pupils, I didn't know where to look at such closeup shots. And this one was already most the NON COCK EYE one I took.

Skintone looks different bc first one is with Natural Sunlight no flash, 2nd Darker bc I was in my room with Artificial Light no flash.

Colours used: Orange/Bronze/Brown. With Top Glitter Lashes. (Hence the whitish look on top of the lash)

I then took Eirian in Pink with Flash bc she had on a pink dress and Lauren in Green with Flash bc she had on a yellow/green dress.

Colours used: White(my own VoV colour)/Pink/Purple

Colours used: White(my own Vov colour)/Yellow/Green.

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