Monday, August 11, 2008

My Karate Kids...

My hubby, CJ teaches Karate to both Adults and Kids...and in several locations too.. At the official Dojo, primary schools and one of our local University. He also does personal training aka 1 on 1 Karate Lessons but those kind really cost a pretty penny. :) Personalised & customised attention leh! :)

I caught one of the trainings where both my girls were in class and here they are! :) Ah... my little bebe Karatekas... just like Daddy.... *muse* Some girlfriends have asked if I did Karate too.. I did.. for a very short while.. and while CJ hates to admit it. I'm still a white belt.

Karate really isn't my thing.. I need the music and the beat of my Rumba and Zumba classes to get me going... and Boy can that really get me going!! Whooot! I love my dance classes... but anyway..for those who are more interested in a more traditional art.

Anyone interested to learn Karate? Adults OR Kids. Drop me a mail here and I'll get you in touch with him or Alternatively.. just click on his blog link and contact him yourself :)

<------- see there on my blogroll? CJ's Blog.

This is with Eirian in her side of the Dojo with her Daddy.
Dojo - training place.

And this is Lauren! with her Daddy :) Haiii-yah!!!


r.p said... cute. I bet noone dare to mess up with ur girl at school..:D

Aka Pamela S. said...

Yeah, they take heart in saying "wait I tell my Daddy then you know ah...." then show their Pai kia face...

lil princess said...

Hullo, my bf does karate too! I wanna learn such stuff, but I doubt its my kinda thing!! At least you did learnt abit! ^_^

Aka Pamela S. said...

Thanks for coming here Lil. Princess! You're REALLY pretty!! :) Gawsh... and he does Wushu right? Not Karate?