Friday, April 04, 2008

Atkins Update: 76kg

After 2 days of filming, and 3 days of not working out. I stepped on the scales and Lo & behold... hahahaha I've dropped another kg. See what I mean by Acting is hard work! Haha...

So there's the update for now... 76kg dated 3rd April 2008. In this goes to my weightloss record chart. Another 21kg to go... and if I can move from 100kg to 76kg.

Anyone can. Just really depends if you want to. :)


krisandro said...

Good for you!

But must slim down the healthy way pls! Exercise!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Thanks Krisandro. Hahhaa of course I do it healthily. I know you've been following my blog. You must have seen how much I exercise. Hahaha. I can guarantee that not alot of people can follow my routine already. :)

Thanks for leaving a message though! :)