Monday, April 07, 2008

More Media Appearances

I know I've been tooting about this like for MONTHS already but its a work in progress mah! *Don't groan okay.. hahhaaha I'm very pleased. Even though I may not look that pleased in this photo taken in my dad's car. I am. Okay!*

Refer to this if you haven't read back so far to know what I'm talking about...

I got to "speak" to the magazine editor over email today and she confirmed my feature this year. With the exception that its not coming out for the July issue as they need to work forward ie as in work 2 months prior to the issue so that means that I SHOULD be 55kg by May... which......*sob* at the rate that I'm going is VERY hard lor! I don't want to end up eating "air". I'll die hahahaha... no one should diet eating "air"... must eat.. and eat alot!!

I guess that its my body regulating itself from it's initial drastic weight loss of the first 16kg in that first 2 months of my diet and only allowing a 1kg loss per week or so since I broke plateau. That would mean that I would be in time for my July reveal aka 30th Birthday but not so in May. *crossing my fingers that my next plateau won't take that long again!!*

SOOO.... instead of having it fall exactly on my birthday on the 2nd of July *ahem, u all now know when my birthday is hor.. hahah I expect pressies!!! hahahahahahaha*, the photo shoot will be taken right after it in July instead and come out in August for the September 08 issue! Whoooot!!!! Still good lah!!

That gives me around 3 months left and 21kg to go. I can do it lah!! If I can wallop 24kg off this body, I can do another 21 by then. *Lao Gong; HELP ME!!!!*

Quoted by the editor:

"we'd like to put the focus on you, and track your journey, stage-by-stage, through a journal leading up to the "big reveal". We'd like to do a shoot with you at the end of it"

"we will feature you after your big reveal... we'll finish the story by end of July (plus the photos of your party) for the September issue, which is out in mid-Aug"

This had made me a really HAPPY CHICKA OKAY!! *big grin*

And then!!... another piece of good news... after a little discussion and some information swapping on stories.....Both CJ and I will be featured in the June 08 issue for a marriage article!!! *screams!!* Faint. (((thud))) ~~floor has a little crack liao with me slamming on the floor~~

I will post that up, when it is published. Kua Kua Kua.... *Happy Happy*

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