Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Red Geisha Filming Day 1

Filming has begun. Today is day one and my first scene is the bedroom opening scene as Mamasan Tang. I'll leave details of this to if you catch this film one day and when Director Lydia wins an award during this year's Asian Film Festival! hhahahaha....

But you could expect a really steamy scene with a great set. *ahem!* I tried lah Director.. I hope it was good enough* I'm crossing my fingers/toes and whatever that after all the editing and music etc etc... that this scene is going to be artistically beautiful and highly sensual enough to make an impact towards the rest of the show.

My co-stars are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The director really casted well. They really look like DOLLS!! I'll take some photos of them tomorrow on Day 2 of filming.

*Ahem* Makeup wise... yes I know it looks scary on photo but in real life, with all my bouncy curls, glittery eyes, super lush eyelashes and white skin. It really looked very doll like.

Whats that under that Golden robe? Well nothing much except a Black Victoria's Secret Lingerie. *cough* *cough*

And this is Pavan. My co-star who's named Leon in the film. He's an acting student at La-Salle but has been acting professionally for the past 8 years. He's really good with his script. He practically memorised MINE including his... and I was having trouble remembering mine sometimes.... *smack head*

And this... is the mamasan dresser with all my mamasan "stuff" in my "bedroom"....

And finally... my mamasan bedroom set. The whole room was painted black and dark pink.. it had lush lighting, a chrome bed frame, alot of plush pillows and a brand new silk set sheet and comforter... very luxe!
The shoot took about 3 hours to complete for this scene alone.. tomorrow there are more scenes so Day 2 to come! Time to put on my face mask.. lie down and close my eyes.. more acting to come tomorrow... *crossing my fingers that I'll be fine* *Breathe*

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