Monday, April 07, 2008

Pimping my Hubby *Not!*

I thought it would be nice to start the week off pimping my hubby. Hahhaha... He's come a long way from 115kg to his 86kg size right now. So Hamsap *cough* I mean.. Handsome right? Hahahha I like this picture.

Does it help that he's on a quest for his 6 pack abs now and spartan shoulders? Argh!! I claim him now hor.. HE'S MINE.

Bwuuhahahahahhahaha.... *claws coming out*

And if you were wondering what the heck he does on a daily basis.. well here u go... *warning - unless u think u're spartan, don't attempt to do this without professional advise or help.

He. different. He's a coach; can self administer.*

I only do PART of what he does on a daily basis and I'm already half dead and panting on the ground. But what I do in my regime, others might find it a little hard to handle too. What would I do without his training advise leh? Thats how I got my body today. I work out 4-5 times a week but he does it almost daily.

That being said. He's been in Men's Health March Issue... He did a Radio interview last month too.. so anyone who may need a commercial talent who's roughly around his size and built. He's very fluent in English and can do mandarin work too. Cheerful disposition but has a killer stare that can make u piss on the spot. Open for press ads/commercial/contemporary/photo shoots if available. Please email me if interested.

Now here u go, and close ur mouth. *smack*

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