Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Red Geisha Filming Day 2

Filming the Red Geisha was quite an enjoyable experience for me. The cast was easy to work with and the crew was professional and it did help that I got fanned and made up like a star... With the makeup artist ready with the little sponge pad to touch up my face and crew fanning me bc I sweat easily. *smirk*

Now that I look back at the photos of day 2, I really have to applaud the director, Lydia for casting so well. The girls she casted were pretty and all had big eyes. They also knew how to act well! They made me up so I think I can pretty much pass for a real mamasan too! Aka the old money minding Bitch... hahahah

Points I'd remember for quite a long while during the filming of this show are mainly the bloopers that happened. Some were hilarious and left us in a laughing fit.

Stuff like....
  • Day 1 - Where Pavan aka Leon had to get up from the bed and put on his shirt and slammed his hand on the cupboard making a big "kdong!!!". I burst out laughing. The 2nd take after this still had me in the giggles as he was afraid to hit the cupboard again so his hand was really short like a turtle. Bwwuahahahahahaa... *CUT!!!!!*
  • Day 2 - When we were on the bed for the "dead" scene where they were cutting me up with a real scalpel. The bed broke! with all of us on it. Kdong!!!! Half the bed fell through!! OMG!! My face!!!! Heng no one got injured. *CUT!!!!* Thats all of us on the bed through the "mon" aka Monitor where the director checks for framing of the shot. And Yes, my eyes are open in this picture as we're not filming yet! hahahah....

  • Day 2 - Where the "crowd" came and we realised that 2 of our extras were actually secondary school boys!! Too young to be patronising a brothel lah! So we spent the time calling them "Little Boys!" aka Sam and Frodo aka B1 and B2. (Think Bananas in Pyjamas)Kua kua kua...! "Eh, Ah di! U think this is a school excursion issit?" They were pretty sweet and sporting after all lah... I hope they enjoyed their stint as extras.

  • Day 2 - My cheong sam was SOOO TIGHT. It was almost like a whole day of abs exercise just by sucking in my tummy and even so, I still had a tubby tummy. *alas, that just added to the old charm of being an "experienced aka old" mamasan; sigh*

  • Day 3 - I had a line which I absolutely could not say. "I make the Decisions here. Not You!"... I said "I make the Dechichions..."... again... "I make the Didgigions...."... ahhh fuck lah... try again... and Action!! " I make the dechidions...." *Screams* ((thud)) *CUT!!!!!* .... Chant... Decisions. Decisions... ok... finally... ACTION!! "I make the Decisions here. Not You!" .... ahhhhh phew!~
This is my collection of dolls for this show. No prize in guessing who the Red Geisha is and who the Mamasan is in this collection. But they were really pretty.

And this is the Red Geisha.. aka Pearl aka real name Amanda Tee. She's an acting student at La Salle and has the most elegant swan like neck I've ever seen anyone have. We had alot of fun joking around. It definitely made the experience alot more enjoyable when u laughed till ur stomach ached and ur face feels like it was cramping from laughing so much.

And this is Girl #2 aka Fizah. She's real pretty too but really very shy and quiet.

And this is Girl #3 aka Maria Baluyut. She has really huge eyes lah just that she's looking down here and is very very friendly too! She blogs here. I like her.

And this is my right hand lady, Violet aka Sharda Harrison. She's a real pretty lady this one. This is one example of a Eurasian mix at it's best. Very very pretty. Too bad I don't have a front view shot of her right now...

And finally, the 3 main cast members. Mamasan Tang aka Me.. *cough I really look like a mamasan hor!*... Leon aka Pavan... and Pearl aka the Red Geisha aka Amanda. Thats about it for day 2. I'll update with further pictures of Day 1 and 3 when we get our hands on them... but for now, will be crossing my fingers that Lydia really does some magic with editing up all the shoots that we did and makes this film. Gorgeous.


Maria said...

ah! that picture of me! i think that was taken AFTER i ripped my dress cos my ass was stretching it cos lydia was rushing me to hurry up! hahaha!!!! shit lah!!! haha so paiseh!!

eh the pics turned out so nice hor? so vivid the colours..i like. cant wait to see the film! eh i link u hor. hee.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Maria! Yes Yes! Link me. :)
And I didn't notice the rip leh! :)