Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sick and Grumpy

Down with a bug. Am not feeling too chirpy. May not blog till I feel better but do come back regularly if you have already been reading me on a daily basis.
Nose blocked & dripping. Head pain. Eyes aching and blurring. Joints aching.
All I'm missing right now is a full blast high fever and I can qualify as officially sick for bed rest.
And yes. I will be seeing the doctor tomorrow. And yes. I already drink so much water that I'm a water buffalo already. And yes. I will be resting. And finally... yes. I do not diet when I'm sick.
Thanks for the concern. :) I'll be back. In the meantime, I need some serious TLC...
*mumble.. lao gong... a massage sounds good...can?*
Off to Bed I go. ZZZZzzzzzzz.....
UPDATE 11th Apr: Seen the Dr. already. Running a slight fever. Have enough medicine to drug a Rhino. And yes.. I know.. I'm sleeping early tonight. Out~

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