Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Additional Red Geisha Shots

Following on from this.... little by little, the pictures are coming in so here's more from the shoot. I know I look a little royally pissed in this one but I'm just HOT. Temperature HOT aka sweating alot! That golden robe can really heat you up and you'd think that silk robes should be airy? NOT! Not when there's no aircon to bask in. And yes.. that is that chao dah *burnt* tan line still there.. I'm probably the only mamasan with tan lines.

And before I become mamasan. Thats me with Lydia whom I lovingly call "Madame Director!"
I am plain ole me without makeup and without anything in my hair and also almost without standard clothes. I came on set all days in very minimal and easy to change clothes that left no impression on my skin aka no garters and no tight waists to "kiap" aka make fat lines on my skin. *Screams* This is a rare shot of me on this blog that I will not repeat... scary!!*

Then I go for makeup in the sunlight and rollers in my hair to curl me up... I love these rollers! They're instantly heated, just plug in and heat and roll them in your hair and voila! Goldilocks curls!! Shiok.. anyone want to get one set for me? Hhaahhaa

Then a shot with my 2 "girls".... all in our silky night robes.

And the Red Geisha would not been reality if not for the creative genius of Lydia the Director/Producer of this film and the competent crew she had working with her. Credits go to these guys for showing professionalism in their work, passion and good application of technical know how.

From Left to Right:
*Back left* Cai Yuen Eden (director of photography/cinematographer)and *Back right* Nicholas Lim (1st Assistant Director/Camera assistant)*Middle 5* Hafiz (Sound/Gaffer), Qin Yu aka Fish (Production Manager), Lydia (Producer/Director), Endra (Gaffer - the ones who sets up the lights after Eden decides wat lights he wants and where), Alvin Tan (Art Director) and the one lying down is Mohan (Sound).

And the final day shot where all the adults were not needed was Day 4 where they shot the children "in the past" aka the young Leon aka young Pavan played by Jathis, young Violet aka Sharda played by Nadia Natasha Katerina and the young Pearl aka Amanda played by Clarissa Yeo.

Obviously since this film is somewhat in the genre of macabre where there are body parts being taken as a collection.. this part makes sense that the horrible fascination with human body parts must have been ingrained from experience from their youth. *shudder*

And Jathis aka young Leon playing with the detatched heads of the dolls. Eeekk! Reminds me of what I used to do with my own dolls when I was young.. hahhahaha....

And a final shot of Eden doing his camera work. I thought this shot really showed the essence of filming from the production point of view. I like how serious he looks because thats just how professional he was during the shoot. No awkward moments at all! Nice... More to come if I get more pictures.. :)

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