Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Marmalade Pantry w/ Ogilvy & SOYJOY

The day after the SOYJOY awards night, SOYJOY's boss - Ricky Suhendar and the Ogilvy peeps set out to give a dinner treat to the blogging contestants and for everyone to mingle and get to know each other more since we haven't exactly gotten to know each other while doing the contest and pitted against each other.

However that evening, I was due to conduct one of my AquaFit classes so instead of joining everyone for dinner, I grabbed a cab *as seen in picture above* and met up with the Ogilvy gang and Ricky for lunch instead! We met at The Marmalade Pantry over at Palais Rennaissance.

It was a pleasant meeting with conversation flowing easily and the food was pretty amazing too! I've heard so much about The Marmalade Pantry and now I see why it has been raved so much about! I'm definitely going back! I'm still fantasising about my Warm Spinach, Roast Onion salad with Bacon, Fried Mozzarella Cubes, Pine nuts, Poached egg with Added Chicken. (Chicken - Special Order of course!)... and my "Daniel" smoothie - Banana Orange SoyMilk Natural Yoghurt & Wheat Germ... both were SO DAMN good... *drools*

It was great getting to know each other more and sadly, it was sad that I had to miss the dinner with the rest of the bloggers and the rest of the team. Thank you once again for the lovely lunch! I enjoyed that tremendously.. I'm so going back soon!! Marmalade Pantry! Here I come!!

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Serene said...

Mmmm yumm! Looks good! Marmalade Pantry is due to open another outlet at Ion Orchard soon! The Foie Gras Burger, warm sticky date pudding and muffins are really good too!