Tuesday, July 07, 2009


On my Birthday on the 2nd of July 09, I attended the Crocs media event for the introduction and launch of the new Crocsideas.com website. In this picture with me is JP Mccarvel, Crocs Marketing - Events Specialist and the moderator of the new Crocsideas.com site.

"JP has been wearing Crocs since December of 2004 when he received his first pair of “beach” as a gift and has never looked back since. JP has been working for Crocs since 2007 and is based in Singapore. To contact JP regarding this site, please email him at ideas@crocs.com and he will be happy to answer any questions or comments you have."

For Crocs fans, you now have an interactive portal in sending in your suggestions, comments and have the opportunity to be engaged with your favourite brand.

From suggesting and promoting a new favourite idea to commenting on other ideas.

Crocsideas.com is a laboratory for Crocs customers to share, innovate, express and explore ideas around Croc's products and services.

You can find out more about what the website is about HERE. Your questions like why they created this site, what would you find and how you view, vote and comment on ideas are answered there.

Do go check it out and participate! Click on the screenshot image below to go directly to the Crocsideas.com website.

The local Singapore Crocs site can be found HERE. I think that this is a excellent pro-active initiative on the brands' part in opening interaction with their customers and at the same time, allow for feedback and market research directly from supporters of the brand.

So if you're a fan or if you just want to find out more, go View, Vote and Voice out over at the new Crocsideas.com website and see the best ideas get possibly integrated into upcoming product lines! Who knows, your suggestion may be part of the new collections! Credit will be given to you too if the idea is used!

The evening was at the Screening Room @ Ann Siang Road again *which Lauren was highly amused as it was the 2nd time we were there.. previously we were there for a SOYJOY event and she still remembered that previous evening* started out with drinks and food.

I appreciate that food & refreshment are given out during sessions
such as these as it can get a little late and I also brought along my kids! - They definitely need food for the evening..

With the introduction of the website and its functions and features, we also roamed the lounge where several new pairs of Crocs new collections were displayed for us to touch, inspect and feel.

From childrens collection, to womens collections to mens wear...

And something we were always amused by.. a GIANT croc shoe display.. which they filled with Gibbits (those cartoon/image like rubber attachments that u can use to decorate your Crocs shoe with) and Crocs keychains for those who participated for the evening.

Later that evening too, Crocs announced that the selected participants that evening were allowed to choose one item and it would be gifted to us so we chose something we liked.

Lauren chose black slippers, Eirian chose a ballerina like pump but in pink, mine was a high raised wedge slip on as seen below but I selected a red/black version and CJ selected a brown male pair. Am waiting for them to deliver it to us soon! Excited!

The evening ended nicely after mingling with several very lovely ladies and we left with Crocs goodies - a mug, notebook, selected gibbits and keychains each. With that, I'd like to thank Crocs for inviting me and giving me an opportunity to privately view their new collection and be introduced to their new online initiative!

Go check it out!


jpmccarvel said...

Hey I love this point - I think you captured everything we were sharing that night (and wrote about it beautifully).. I hope you will join crocs for our next event :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey JP! For sure! Keep me updated! :)