Monday, July 06, 2009

31st Birthday Celebrations Pt. 2

As with last year, I had 2 parts to my birthday celebrations.. actual day festivities with family and a separate day with friends. After doing my ZumFit class for the evening on Friday night, I got changed from sweaty workout gear to my night outfit and met some friends over at Fishermans Wharf in front of The Central for Dinner!

Those who turned up were: My youngest sister, Alexandra, EY (Zumba Dance Mate and also my dance student), Vikki (my favourite Aqua instructor who taught me most of my moves) & her friend, Leila? (Vikki - pls confirm spelling), Priscilla (my online gf buddy) & her friend Derrick, Willie (a California Fitness dance mate) & her friend Elin, Daphne aka Daphnemaia aka Hello Kitty, Hendribudi, Mohd. Hisham, my favourite galfriend Preetha aka Jane Doe from 91.3FM with her man, Regan and his brother and last but not least, Josh Lim aka Tow Kay of Advertlets, right down from KL for the weekend! Whoot!

Thank you everyone for joining me to have fish & chips for my birthday! Your presence even though I only had a couple of minutes to speak to each of you touched me greatly.

After dinner, majority of us moved down to Azzucar which is situated right in the middle of Clarke Quay. I LOVE AZZUCAR with its cosy atmosphere and music that I totally dig! The band is named Cubania.. apparently from Cuba of course.. and the lead singer is also the BOSS of Azzucar.. Miguel!

They really took AMAZING care of me that evening.. constantly checking in that everything was alright and if I needed anything. Personal attention from the boss himself too! Even called me when I was on the way home to ensure I was safe and checked in on me the next day that I was alright and happy.

In picture: Josh Lim, Boss of Advertlets - of which I fully support exclusively as of the past year in terms of long term blog advertising banners. My sister Alex and Balpreet, another dance galfriend from the gym!

My galfriend, Jo Lim - the sexy lady who clothes and plays a major influence your purchases for your favourite Timberland outfits and gear and Tow Kay Neo of Silk Minerals. Check out her online shop where you can get amazing colours and beauty products specially hand picked by her!

Silk Minerals has also always sponsored my eyeshadow so most of the eyeshadow you would see on my blogs as of the past 9 months at least are Silk Mineral colours! Check it out!


Krisandro and Leshane also came to spend time with me at Azzucar that evening. I was very very touched that they came! Thank you! Even though I didn't have alot of time to spend with them, their presence and attendance was definitely heartfelt! And Fwoah! Thank you for the present! I really like it!!

Whos in the picture? Josh Lim... Leshane and Krisandro.. *big loves to them all*. And I just had to take a picture with the sweetest and prettiest one there... Leshane! Even her name is pretty!! Argh!! Thanks again for coming!! *hugs*

My sister, Alex calls my boots, "CFM boots"... I didn't know those kinda boots even had a name! *CFM - Come F**K Me* -.-''

And a very sweet guy, facebooker and blog reader, Lennard came to grace me with his presence at the party along with a group of his friends too! How nice!! They're all so lovely. And he gave me a box of chocolates too! Awwww....... thank you!

A group shot with Lennard and all his very nice friends...

Other than booking up all of the lounge space and 6 tables for me for the evening on a complimentary basis, Azzucar also extended preferred rates for drinks and sponsored a HUGE cake FOR ME! I did not have a single drop of alcohol that evening too! So it was a free flow of iced water all night for me...

The cake was so big that even after cutting large slices for everyone who came for my party, we still had half a cake left which I cut up in even larger slices and my sister, Alex went around giving out to the other patrons at the club till it was all finished.

In the picture: Krisandro & Leshane, Josh Lim, Preetha D aka Jane Doe and my other favourite couple, Adele and Joe Augustin... Adele looked SMASHINGLY pretty that evening! *whistle*. Do check out Joe's PODCAST!


I was pleased with the cake... yes I was.. hahahaa! But I didn't get to eat it! Hahha.. I can only hope that it was good!

With that, the live band Cubania *which I absolutely adored the kind of music they played* sang me a reggaeton version of Happy Birthday... I blew out my candles.. on my 3rd, 31st Birthday cake. First was at my aunt's house, 2 weeks ago - Durian cake. 2nd was on my actual day, Mango Vanilla Fruit cake and this was my 3rd cake. They put on 25 candles for me as they refused to believe that I was turning 31.. awww.. flattery eh...

And some more pictures with more girlfriends who came to join me for the evening, french galfriend, Anne Valluy and her close friend. Loreta, a very lovely Brazilian woman with her husband...

The night was very enjoyable with the people who came to celebrate it with me, with cake, with the dancing & music and the dance challenge on stage which absolutely gave the exhibitionist in me an absolute kick! And I love how the clubs now are all smoke free!

No more going home smelling like an ash tray.. only smelling like sweat & purfume! hahahah! And a shot of some of the gifts I was given for my birthday that ranged from chocolates to lotions, eyelashes, eyeshadow, makeup kits, hand painted cards, necklaces and vouchers.

As of now, I'm due for a Birthday Brazillian which is a gift by Preetha, to meet up with Adele Augustin for a pressie, meeting my galfriend, Serene for La Mian birthday lunch treat on Tuesday and my close galfriend, Kay for another birthday lunch on Friday...

Looks like I won't be watching my carbs for another week... will resolve to detox from next week onwards... but for now.. THANK YOU EVERYONE.. because you came, you made my birthday that little bit more special with your presence. Thank you. :) Love u all...

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