Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Can Do More w/ Imedeen!

With the lastest Imedeen campaign, You Can Do More... I was at the OneNine57 Beautique last night at an Imedeen event where we went through a skin analysis and a derma scan to check the condition of my skin and the levels of collagen that I have.

And guess what?! I have the LOWEST LEVELS of collagen amongst all who went!

I was assessed for their "Radiant Complexion" range which was suitable for women aged 25-35 year old and was provided with a 3 month supply after which I will be back at their Beautique for another skin assessment.

Each 60 tablet supply is available at a recommended retail price of SGD$98.30. Recommended daily dosage of 2 tablets for an average of 90 days for best results.

I'm really hoping to see a much better result in 3 months time. Upon which, they will replenish a further supply of one more box for continuation purposes.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how Imedeen works for my skin, specially considering the serious sun damage that I've been getting lately and will be getting instructing my Aqua Fitness classes. Not to mention the serious creases on my face, crows feet and stretchmarks from all that weightloss that shows my age even more.

We all know that the signs of aging starts from 25 and that effectively makes me pretty much 6 years late! If I don't start doing something more about my skin other than my daily face wash and moisturiser.. when will I start? The best time is now.

Shelly was my +1 partner for this event and she joined me looking absolutely stunning in a funky red dress and HEELS!. Yes, HEELS while she's about 6 months heavily pregnant. *Faints*... only Shelly can carry something like that off.. even I have issues wearing heels when I'M NOT PREGNANT.... amazing.

So I left with a starter pack compliments from the people at Imedeen and Day 1 starts today. There will be updates in 3 months at my next Derma Skin Assessment. :) That being said..

Honeymeow has skin that is now sponsored by IMEDEEN and "I Swallow" too...


Bengbeng said...

i can imagine how much better you will look with imedene. Wow. Wow,. Wow! You are already looking omos perfect now with a great complexion

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Beng Beng, Aww you flatter me so. Thanks for coming by and congrats again on your weightloss. Keep on going!

Isabelle, Singapore said...

You look great, and we hope that IMEDEEN works as a 4th step in skincare for you.

<3 Isabelle

hyperX said...

I'm recommending this to my sister. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I must say, you are looking slimmer with time. Not just the stick sickly thin, but the healthy-i-work-out type.

Keep going! You're doing fine!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey Isabelle, Thanks so much! :) You'll surely hear from me in time. *wink*

HyperX: Hey Great! I believe you can check out the retailers on the Imedeen website or buy it for your sister lah!

Fitness Fabulous: And I take it then that you've been reading my blog for a while! :) Thank you.

Barffie said...

Hey! Where you doing your Aqua Fitness classes? Me ish interested :D

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey Barffie!

I'm looking for a pool! Hey email me and I can keep you updated when classes start. :)