Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Steps towards being an Instructor...

After procrastinating for some time and just revelling in the enjoyment of being a class participant in the many group X classes that I take throughout the week with David and Rashidah over at California Fitness.

I finally embarked on a plan towards gaining my instructorship.

I'm proud to say that after the past 3 weeks of core programming, intense indoor & outdoor training, lecture immersions, burning under the sun, sweating like an animal, floating in various pool depths, playing with pool equipment, doing Qi Yoga sessions, hanging on classmates bodies with body weight exercises and stuffing my face with heavily carb filled food in between sessions *because I was so darned hungry, I didn't care if it wasn't low carb*.

With the program running from 830am all the way to 630pm for the training days. I am amazed and am thankful that I survived! And I didn't even lose weight! Hahahaha! I'm still 69kg!

I've finally gotten my Aerobic & Group Exercise Instructor Certification which has been awarded by Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness.

I have to give my utmost gratitude for my mother who sponsored this program to see that my desires for running classes of my own becomes a reality. Heartfelt love to my mother in law who without complaints took my care of my girls completely without me having to worry about them at all. With me running out of the house at 640am and only touching back down between 9-10pm each evening. Her support was godsend, without her, I would be seriously worrying about my kids during training.

Love love to CJ too who went without me the past 3 weeks without complaint and grief and pushing me to stay awake to study and run through my choreography over and over again even though I was dead exhausted and completely zombified. Thank you for loving me and bearing with my loss of consciousness each night where you would push me to bed where I knocked out into dreamless sleep. Without you, I would have crashed in bed without all that prep just out of sheer mad exhaustion.

Special thanks too to my Zumba instructor, Rashidah who had inspired me to go down this path and also for her choreography which I used for my practical demonstration. Without those sets, which made me look OH-SO-GOOD and that much less stressful prep. with having to think up of new moves with an exhausted body/mind. Thank you all.

So this is it. Certification is just a step. Next will be my first aid certification and then the real challenge comes when real time classes actually start and I start to mold my own persona as an instructor... Wish me luck.. this is going to be fun. :)

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