Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dancing at the Zumba Party...

With reference to this and this past post, I pulled some strings and was given the raw video taken at the Zumba party for my personal records. The file was FREAKING huge and I was told that parts of this video will be edited and they will post it up on the TVs at the gym! Very the unglam lahhh.... :(

*GAH!!!* Anyway, to those who were curious to what Zumba is about, I've put in some clips here which I unconventionally took in the most un-techie way. I played it on TV and video recorded it with my HP and transferred it to my computer.

-.-''. I couldn't convert the DVD file into an editable file so I guess watching non high resolution videos will have to suffice for now. If you're interested to check out the real deal though, JOIN ME FOR CLASS INSTEAD to get the full and proper experience and take it from there. For those interested, Zumba is conducted at California Fitness Singapore. CFit has exclusive rights to be the only one in SG to conduct the Zumba program so you would have to join me for class if you really want to give this a go.

This video above is PART of our Zumba routine and this was lead by Rashidah. I love the way she dances.. she's like pumped with caffeine man! So high energy!! And the moves are so simple right? Zumba is a multi-level class. See the Aunty at the end of the video? If she can do it! SO CAN YOU! You can come in with your "two left feet" and still complete the class in glorious style. :) Or you can pump up the volume and the intensity and dance like a mad woman... *cough* like me.. *cough*

This video is part of the routine lead by Rashidah and David. Both my Zumba/Rumba instructors! I love that I have a video of them BOTH...*love love* these 2 people are the 2 other very important people in my life changing experience through my weightloss journey and fitness lifestyle OTHER THAN my hubster, CJ who is my personal fitness coach and driving force from 104kg to now.

And this video is part of the "Zumba style Street Battle" that was held towards the end of the Zumba party. The class was split into two opposing sides and we were up for a dance battle! Lets see who is more "XIAO ON!!*" *crazy.

One side had Rashidah & Diana with the rest of her group and the other side had David & Me with the rest of our group.

We won!!!! I think?! There wasn't a prize though but it was FUN!! And yeah, I'm looking pretty pudgy in this video *I always do!! :( * but I can attest that the past 2 weeks since then have done wonders *with alot of cramps and aches in between while doing weights* towards the firming up the back and arms and whatever else you see shaking in this video... Whoooot!! You've gotta check me out to believe it hahahaha... so anyone else wanna try Zumba or Rumba class?

Aaannnd..... Stop gawking at my fat arse hahaha at least I dare to shake it. :)

Exercise can be fun... even WITH 2 left feet. :) Agree?

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