Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exploring Various Dance Styles

In dance class, we explore various dance styles and I'll provide here a little sampling of the some of main dance moves that you can look into touching in. Surely, there are others that we touch on but these our the main sets that we cover in class. Technical dancewise, definitely not something you'd expect to cover as opposed to actually learning in a PROPER dance school but more to have fun while executing these moves in the gym class.

Whats covered are slower moves like Bachata which works well as a warm down set.

And then we have some standard Salsa moves within various sets. You have GOT to check this out.. if this guy with ONE LEG can salsa... YOU CAN TOO... basic at least.

This one shows are really GOOD professionally choreographed Salsa dance.. very nice to watch.

Some Merengue moves...

Some reggaetton moves as seen in THIS POST. And Check out these girls! This is very similar to what you would see in class with the exception that in Singapore... most people are just too inhibited to move like that! MOVE PEOPLE MOVE!!!

And then we have misc. moves... sampling here with one of David's demos.(in white)

And Cumbia moves.. in this video the girl is actually pretty HAWT!!! But that is really what we do. Just need to loosen up and shake those hips..

And finally of course there is BellyDance!! .. Check out this male belly dancer.. Whoot! I SO SO SO SOOO want a coin/bell belt. I want!!! Ok.. thats it for now.. enjoy!!

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