Monday, September 08, 2008

Shake your Bon Bons to this!

In line with the dance classes that I've been doing alot lately, I have gotten re-aquainted with the various latin/salsa/regaetton/hiphop/house/dance music that really gets me going and is suitably apt for the kind of moves that we do in class. Think mixture between hiphop and latin dance... very fun.

And lately, I was introduced to Daddy Yankee and WHOAAAAA!!!! Love it! Its very regaetton/hiphop and would work VERY WELL in class.. when I first heard it, I found it somewhat familiar only to later realise, we already play these in class!

*doing the head/shoulder bump at my desk as I write this* NICE LAH!! This makes a good regaetton tune.

And those in class would be FAMILIAR with this... VERY nice. We almost always have this set. You would find a track of this in both Rashidah and David's class. Enjoy! And to those who want to join me and are afraid, take a listen to these tracks and if you feel you can bump ur head to the beat. You will be FINE in class.

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