Sunday, September 28, 2008

4th & Last Zumba Party! *Till further notice*

Today's 4th & Last Zumba club party *till further notice of the LARGER combined Zumba party* was held at California Fitness Bugis club. The last one at Novena can be found HERE.

(UPDATE!! I just found out that there would be an offsite *pending Govt. approval for location, etc.* Mega Zumba Party on the 9th of November 08. They are aiming for a 10K attendance and it would be BIG!! This one is really something to look out for people... Watch this SPACE!)

Today's party was lead by Jonathan as seen above *taken w my HP & kicking myself for not bringing my camera instead*and DAMNNN!!! I love my arms!!! But why my boobs look so deflated arh!?! -.-''.

Anyway... It was the first time I have taken Zumba lead by him and BY GOLLY! He's hyper! Very high energy. Like an explosive chili padi! *cough* I still heart Rashidah. She's really the best instructor.

The place was really crowded. No strobing lights like the other parties. No decoration like others too. No game, well technically none like the other parties.

There WAS a bellydance "competition" of sorts where 6 ladies & 6 men were chosen. No doubt, I was in this too. And we had to see who was the best female & best male. And, no I didn't win much to the vocal disapproval of the regulars, hahaha! Not because I not already a pretty good bellydancer but because the one who did was really a little "xiao on" and REALLY HYPER.. SO ON! And a regular like me who keep on winning abit kelong right? Hahaha!

The party was only an hour long though. I really think that an hour is just too short. The 2 hour one the last time at Novena was really alot better in terms of duration.

Rashidah! Next one has to be MINIMUM 2 HOURS OKAY!

Oh... and I HAVE FANS! *blush blush cough cough* Wahhhhh!!! I had a some time before the party started and quite a number of regulars that I haven't spoken to before took the opportunity to chat with me.

Then they asked me if I instructed and I said that I might be in a couple of months if and when I complete the Zumba course *Rashidah.. how ah?* and whatever necessary training thats required.. etc etc.. and I was SOOOO pleased when they ALL said "Really!! We will ALL support you. We will take your class!" *All nodding furiously and patting my arm*

I was so pleased and was beaming so widely and blushing like mad *paiseh paiseh* while going "thank u thank u"... Very happy to get that kind of encouragement. A little stressed too to fullfill all these people's expectations. But I think I can do it. I think?

The first half of the party was lead by Jonathan. Really not bad actually. It was his high energy that made it a little more interesting. Then the other half was lead by a combination of a few new instructors..


Namely, Katia (Cumbia- end up I didn't stage up with her for some reason), Eesham & Kayla (Reggaeton - and I staged up with them for this! Best lah! I love Reggaeton!), William (Salsa) and Ruri (Merengue).

What I have an issue with this party was... THERE WAS NO BATTLE!!! So many of us regulars were SOOOOOOOO looking forward to the battle and THERE WAS NO BATTLE!!! Sibei Lau Hong Lah!!! How can!!! *Sad* Whats a Zumba party with NO BATTLE!!!

The theme for this party was COLOURFUL. But no one came colorful so the prize for best dressed in theme went to a lady in a flowery bra top. Haahaha!

The party ended with the usual fruit punch which AGAIN I drowned myself with.. I never learn... *shake head* and did another 2 more dance numbers with Jonathan post party and a couple of people joined in for that last burst of dancing. FUN LAH!

I was very pleased to know that I could keep up with the faster moves *Thanks to David & his GILA style of changing tempo and dance styles so often in class* and that I actually knew the moves & could make it look good *Thanks to Rashidah for leading and inspiring me in class with her impeccable dance skills*

I wished I took photos with all my usual dance mates *with my camera and not my shitty phone camera*, my friends and those people that I've seen around but only got to speak to today. But I did manage to catch one after it was all over with Sin Yee again as seen below. This girl is really very fun loving and cute.

A shot taken with Sin Yee and her friend, Christina.

So one final shot with Jonathan and Sin Yee and it was off to EAT!! *num num num num* Till the big party.. Zumba Pam OUT!~


Bengbeng said...

now belly dancing is something Bengbeng should really try hahahahaha. i am so stiff i cannot keep up the hoola hoop for long :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

You should! hahahahaa. But hula hooping is different from dancing eh. hahahaha

Bengbeng said...

i do aerobics though. yoga i have stopped as it interferes with my gym