Monday, September 22, 2008

Being a Mamasan isn't Easy...

Specially when you don't really have a really BITCHY face or a deep commanding voice. It was a great experience though! I'm up for more and definitely aiming to be more natural next time.

Some people have been asking to see little snippets of the short film I did for THE RED GEISHA in April and I've gotten permission from the director to show a couple of seconds from here & there of the film.

Do note however that THE RED GEISHA is copyright and fully owned by Director/Producer -Cheriyan Lydia Natalia and no part of this sampling is allowed to be displayed or reproduced anywhere without her prior permission.

Here are 3 samplings from the film where I played Mamasan Tang. And you can tell what I meant by being on camera really puts weight on you. :) Atmosphere wise however, it was quite genuine and well art directed and the set beautiful.

Samplings however have been recorded off my television again like the other videos here as I have not figured how to convert DVDs into working files to edit on my computer yet.. patience! patience!

Previous entries can be found in these posts. HERE. HERE. HERE. and HERE. Video of the last scene to be found HERE.

And as with all Mamasans, its all about collecting money. As much as you can squeeze out these desperate men.

Here is where I get to "finger" and test the virginity of my new girl to add to my geisha doll collection.

Here is where my Red Geisha tries to poison me with her tea concoction.

2 comments: said...

By the way, when will it be hitting the theatre?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Fieldoflove,

I don't tink this is going to have a cinema release. Its a short film. The most, this might come out at a film fest or maybe kept for whatever else the director wants to do with it.