Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zumba Party Again!

With reference to THIS & THIS post.

The 3rd CF Zumba party went well today. I enjoyed it and if you went, did you? I didn't go to the 2nd Zumba party but you can check out videos of the 1st party HERE.

I was shoved up by one of the regulars during a call for volunteers to lead a set so I ended up doing 3 sets instead of 2. *bish from behind and a kick to my arse* Wah lau eh.... Oookay.. I'll do it...*snigger & pretend to sigh in resignation* *but buay paiseh mahhh! and anyway everyone now knows I have this secret desire to lead the class heh heh heh* ON LAH!! *skipping on stage*

The sets were relatively simple. The place was crowded. The fruit punch was layed out. The lights were strobing. The decorations & balloons were up. The place was cold! *Very good!*

The theme was beach party *first party was Latin Flava* but I think the only 2 people who actually dressed beachy was Katia in her bikini combo and David with his shades.... -.-'' Singaporeans very no fun one lah!! Not sporting!! Got theme.. dress up mahhh!! Eh! Even I went there with LASHES can... esp since I was helping out on stage.. must look swee swee mah! *cough* annnyyway... moving on....

We had a street battle and I was nominated to lead one side with a little overwhelming response. So flattered lahhh... but BAH... it was a little boring bc it would have been best if the main instructors hyped it up a little more and made it more lively like the first party! So left right left right.. do this n that... BLAH... boring lah... everyone was SOOO quiet n just moving along.. why was it I was the only one going "BOOOOO!!! boooooo!! U suck!! We're better!! Neh neh neh..." *cough* (look around.. eh!! why am I the only one shouting... -.-'')

We had Daniel/Katia/David/Jessie do a set each. I guess like that it made the 2 hours fly by easier and it wasn't so exhausting as each had their own style.

Then we had a limbo game... and we went from really high to really low... and THIS TOO.. aiyohh!! people just not sporting lah!! LIMBO people LIMBO!!! Don't just stand around sniggering leh!! Its a game!! Play larh! *rolls eyes* anyway those who did play.. we played... keep trying lah.. in the end, only a few made it through the lowest bar.. then the game ended... goodybag prizes given out... *heh heh* I peeked into mine.. Lóreal Nutrigloss hair product samples! Yay... time to put on my hair. Heh heh! Oh and my shoes were great but when I mentioned I really need new rubber soles.. I do. I was sliding a little more than usual so I'm now DEFINITELY going to re-sole them so I won't end up slipping on the wooden studio flooring.

A little more dancing... a little salsa, a little reggaeton, a little lindy, a little hip hop, a little bellydance and a little more misc. moves... and ta dahh!! Party over... and everyone made their way to hydrate themselves with fruit punch by the side.

I had so many cups of fruit punch - I feel nauseaus. I even had my bottle filled with it... I can't drink any more fruit punch.. I'm going to hurl. My new found Zumba friend, Sin Yee and me drowned ourselves with so much was almost flowing out of our ears.

Sin Yee found me through my blog and intro-ed herself one day in class! Very nice girl! Here we are all hot & sweaty after all that dancing...

Anyway.. till the next Zumba party.. I think what needs work would be the involvement of theme and to really hype up the battle segment as that part is really one of the best parts of the Zumba party... Rashidah & David!! You both HAVE to be at the next one OKAY!!

Thats it people! A very enjoyable Zumba party once more... till next time! So... I call out again.. anyone wanna try Zumba or Rumba? Drop me a mail HERE.


Anonymous said...

hey... u look like xiaxue here le~ do u know who she is?

Aka Pamela S. said...

GAHHHHHHHH!!!!! *FAINT* please lor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *remind me to kick u at the next class*

Daniel said...

Thank you very much for helping! =) And I am shocked to see my own picture here. Hope you guys had fun.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Banban - My pleasure of course. :) Call me again next time yah! *wahh shameless hahahaha*