Monday, September 01, 2008

Working Out: An Intro to TaeBo.

My dance instructor David had a couple of class videos that were taken in other countries but have yet had one for Singapore so I volunteered to take one of his local Tae Bo class so that he can put it up at his youtube fitness site.

It would be hard for me to take a video for Rumba because I'm dancing in the class itself and ditto for Zumba but I'll try to catch one of Rashidah when I feel abit off on that day. You guys really got to check her out lah!! *screams - SHE'S SINGLE LEH!! how can!! Outrageous! - are you guys BLIND or SOMETHING?!*

Anyway, I didn't participate in this Tae Bo class but I will try to put it into my schedule if I can fit it into my Saturday workout as it falls right after dance class. And, I know his english is a little hard to understand.. he's columbian after all but you should be able to hear "stehp toch" aka Step Touch, "senterrh" aka Centre and "fastherrr" aka Faster.. if anything.. JUST FOLLOW.

"Ai Dios Mio"...aka OMG.. its definitely followable even for beginners as its a multi level class.

This video shows about 12 minutes of his intro to class for warmup. *I couldn't stay for longer as I had errands to run and anyway my arm was cramping!! And the music was particularly loud so I was shaking so if you see the video a little shakey at some parts, sorry ah!! Was trying to adjust to the thumping in my ears*

Each class builds over the minutes in terms of intensity till the full 60 minutes are up. It works up a fanstastic sweat and is FUN! Its a relatively simple warm-up and the music is pretty catchy too! Music is ALWAYS good during exercise as it helps you keep pace or increase/decrease where necessary, makes it fun, helps you workout at a higher intensity and for longer periods of time as opposed to working out silently.

I'm never without my tunes and cannot cannot cannot workout without music. If you're embarking on a new exercise regime to get some FAST thumping workout music that gets your adrenaline pumping, aka makes you KANCHEONG and get moving. No love songs please, you can listen to that when you warm down and stretch.

Feel free to give this video a try in the comfort of your home as a warmup and if you're really keen, I just found out that I can get 1 MONTH complimentary Gym Passes to try out the various classes (BUT this not withstanding the usual 30-45 minute sales/fitness talk thats necessary before they issue the pass to you). *Gah!! Cfitness should pay me for all the recommendations and endorsements I have been giving them lah!*

Email me if interested.

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