Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheesy Double Sunrise Egg Corn Beef Sandwich

Dinner tonight... Cheesy Double Sunrise Egg Corn Beef Sandwich w/ Hotdogs and TomYam Blend!

You have not had a sandwich until you've had one at Pams. :) And the same goes for my Shepherds' Pie, pasta, pizza, and whatever else I whip up in the kitchen. Hahaha!

Whats in it?

Toasted Butter wholemeal bread topped with a layer of Cheesy Salsa cheese dip *as seen behind my plate* a runny sunny side up egg, a generous topping of black pepper corned beef, another toasted butter bread and another egg on top.

Hotdogs by the side and a serving of my Onion Tom Yam Blend I made the other day.

You can buy this cheesy dip at NTUC or Cold Storage found with all the other Salsa dips. Its a little "spicy" bc there are pimientos (pronounced as Pee-Me-En-Tos) aka red peppers in it. And is excellent as cheese sauce for lasagna as found HERE.

I had half this sandwich serving and gave up. It was too filling and gave the rest to CJ. And now there are 2 more complete sandwiches sitting on the stove. Too much! Too much!! Going to make some warm green tea now. Oh.. and this is only low carb friendly without the toasted bread so adapt if required. :)

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