Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I've got a Tattoo!! Again!!

Its found its home on my upper right arm. But anyone and everyone who knows me that its not real. Just like these that I got before. Its a temporary airbrushed tattoo which I got at my event on Sunday. It'll last for maybe another day before it starts to fade off.

Have I ever contemplated getting a real one? Yes I have. But you know what the tattooist said to me? I walked in a parlour some 3 years back and wanted one at my lower back.

"Are you going to lose weight?" He asked. "Yes?" I replied. ..."better lose weight first before you put that on if not when your body changes, it might distort"... he said.

Good point.

I left and haven't gotten it to date. I haven't found the "perfect" one that I'm completely happy with and frankly, I'm too much of a "classic" person to actually get a real one. I'm not quite into permanent body adornment. If you notice, I only have one ear piercing and I wear only a diamond stud and nothing else. Kinda feel that more won't quite go with my "image" but its still something that I might do one day. Maybe.


petite fleur said...

I've always wanted one but too chicken to go ahead with it.....

By the way, you've been given this

Aka Pamela S. said...

Whoa!! Thanks Babe! I love ur blog larh.. Ur life is so different.. I wanna go to where you stay!!