Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sisters should look alike what?!

No. Thats not a double shot of me. Thats my younger sister, Alexandra (left in b/w) and me (right in colour).

I'm sure you can see the uncanny resemblences right? At the gym, I get the "you look u teach here?" *rub chin & pondering while staring at me* I ask "Do you know that spinning instructor Alexandra?" They nod. So I mention, "Oh yeah, Lex is my sister". I get the "ooooooooohhhhhh! issit?" *sudden burst of realisation on their faces while staring intently at my face* * wonder...*

"Eh, no wonder what arh?" -.-''

Like. Hello! We're practically twins with some minor tweaks here. She's 23. I'm 30. She's REALLY toned & fit. Well, I'm getting there. *lao niang peeks down at body - ok, in a couple of months but still.* She's got short hair. I've got long hair. Our noses are different only.

We practically smile the same way. We take pictures in the same angle. We've got the same cheekbones. Same eyes. Same teeth. Same high forehead. Even our hairline is the same. Same Jawline except that her skull size is somewhat smaller than mine.

Sisters usually look alike right? So. Hello! Now you know. Thank you! Bye bye!

Either that, I've been seen so many times in dance class that I'm practically a resident at dance on weekday mornings, people might actually mistaken me as teaching or assisting there. But NOT YET LAH! Still some many months to go can?

So if you're a reader and you have seen me around, COME SAY HI! Hokay? And.. *cough* yes I know.. I look familiar. Lets move on...

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Anonymous said...

Wow ur Tom Yam chicken looks real yummy. Got to try it sometime...oh yea, ur sister is really good looking! No worries, no identity crisis...actually could easily tell u ladies apart.