Monday, September 15, 2008

Have you flown with Tiger Airways?

Being in a family that has grown up with our local home grown airline and besides the fact that my father works at Singapore Airlines. I have yet to try Tiger Airways and I'm seriously considering giving them a try.

I've heard so much about this airline and I've seen so many attractive promotions that my friends have been raving about and using for their holiday purposes so it might seem strange to know that in this day & age where everyone seems to be jet setting every couple of weeks. I have not stepped out of Singapore for years now!

Years!!! Can you believe it? For someone who literally grew up on the plane because we moved country every 2-3 years. I've been pretty much home ground for some time now.

Where would I like to head out to if I decide to give this a go? I'd like to give Tiger Airways a try to the Philippines! I haven't been back there since Eirian was 8 months old and you all know that she's turning 6 this year... Its been too long and I would love to see my mom's place again. To visit my maternal relatives, to check out the malls, eat the local food and be driven around by my mom's driver!! Ahhh the luxury of being a "princess" there in the 'pines.

Looking back of the past trips out of Singapore some time back, I have several places that I felt gave me a great experience. However, I'd like to touch on travelling back to the Philippines for now. Not alot of people I know have been there before. Everyone is a little "scared" about the safety of the country. Which I can totally understand. Heck! There are guards with loaded rifles everywhere! From the mall entrances to supermarket entrances to even 7-11 marts. Imagine that. Even security guards carry loaded handguns that hang loosely on their belts. -.-'' Not that they're going to shoot you with it... heng suay lah! But more of deterrent purposes.

However, depending on which part of the Philippines you're at, you definitely get different experiences. This meaning if you're out in the provinces/mountains as compared to being in the City of Makati in Manila.

Image from here.

Being in the city would pretty much also mean MAJOR MAJOR traffic jams. But you get the convenience of having spectacular giant malls and fantastic food joints at your selection and fancy and the food? Whoaaa!! I LOOVE THE FOOD THERE!! And have you ever sat in a Jeepney? Its one of the main public transport in the Philippines and if you have not sat in one before, you should. And learn how to pass your fare to the driver from the back of the Jeepney and HOP OFF when your place to alight comes near bc THEY MAY NOT STOP for u just to alight.

U might have to JUMP OFF! Hahahahaa!

Image from here.

I miss the Carnivals/Amusement Parks too that start in the city from November to Jan/Feb each year. These carnivals are HUMONGOUS!! I think I remember one called "Star City?" There are so many many many rides, roller coasters, games that really win u alot of prizes - u never leave empty handed, horse riding, food!! and more food!!, freak shows, horror houses... its INSANE!! The carnivals themselves are an experience altogether. And there are a few of them.. not only one. I must go back there again soon.

Being in the main city where we stay is like living on Orchard road. Just across the street from our apartment are a couple of malls. And these mall houses LV and similar brand range boutiques amongst others. Imagine that... its a misconception that its totally a 3rd world country when you have such good amenities within the city itself.

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Travelling out of the city is something to try too. It really brings you back to nature where you get to drive to various parts of the country, see as far as the eyes can see padi fields, check out roadside stalls, swim in close to nature swimming pools, experience waterfalls, eat native food, desserts & sweets, buy super sweet mangoes & pomelos by the roadside and eat them directly in the car! Super sweet & fresh okay!!, see free roaming animals and buy local handicraft.

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Hey! There's even this place called Fantasy World about 2 hours drive out of the city. You can take a bus from the main city interchange that goes direct there and its a mini disneyland *akin to the theme parks at Genting* thats operational all year long! One very affordable ticket at the entrance gets you in for all the rides and its very fun!!! And they're NOT cheapo rickety old rides okay! They're high quality theme park rides!! Very good for a day out when you're there.

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And not all of the Philippines is a hot country like Singapore where we only have 1 weather.. HOT? You can travel up to the mountains and its SOOOOOOOOOOO COLD!! Not snow cold but almost there! Its THAT cold but just without snow. I want to bring CJ up to Baguio which is another place where he has yet to explore with me and that place IS COLD!!!

Now that I think back into all these, I really want to go back for a quick visit real soon and hey! Tiger Airways might be my choice this time round!

Tiger Airways is currently celebrating its 4th anniversary by having a special birthday fares starting from S$0.04 to various destinations.

Tiger Airways is Asia Pacific's true low fare airline. It offers passengers not only one of the lowest possible airfares in the market, but safe, reliable and convenient point-to-point air travel as well. Tiger Airways now flies to more than 27 destinations across 9 countries in Asia-Pacific on a fleet of brand new Airbus A320 aircraft.


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