Friday, April 17, 2009

How the Hell does Brown turn RED?!

Strange how as I do more DIY hair colouring, the red undertone of my hair keeps getting more and more red! I've noticed it from my progressive colour posts each time I change my colour.

My previous colour done HERE. and HERE. And I do not recommend using that Feria hair colour range as once that colour came on. My hair went extremely dry and frizzy for most of the month. Very lousy texture wise with that colour and it grew out within the month! So fast!

The texture is sooooo much better with this particular range of colour though.. if softness was anything to go by, I'd recommend L'Oreal Excellence Creme for anyone doing DIY home colouring.

However for now, the colour that I got was supposed to be a lighter coppery brown and obviously.. its now RED. So... will see how it looks tomorrow in the light as apparently colour looks different the next day for me.... -.-''... how does it look?

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Viktiara said...

Yo Sweetie!
Love your blog...especially the one on Parenting...I could use alot of tips... :)