Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hair Colour Change again!!

(Morning After Updates Below! Colour different! Whoa!)

I changed my hair colour DIY yet again! I wanted a lighter brown.. but it turned out still somewhat reddish as it took on my previous undertone of the last dye job. *Picture above was taken right after I dyed & dried it*

I wanted to see how it looked like in sunlight as opposed to the indoor night shot above. I'm quite happy with the colour so far... light enough in the daylight.. we'll see how long this colour lasts before the roots start to show again. But very strange how the colour from last night and this morning looks SO DIFFERENT....

Next time I do this.. which is probably in 2-3 months time, I'm getting at least 1 shade lighter. In the meantime.. DIY colour is great.. a totally new hair colour and great coverage in under 2 hours right in the comfort of your own home.

Last hair colour done HERE. :) This one below is todays new colour box.


BLue8118 said...

looks nice under the sun

sinyee said...

haven't sen u for some time, u'd dyed ur hair??!!!

damn it, u havoc hot mom!!!