Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aqua Aerobics @ Katia's!

We had a session of Aqua Aerobics at Katia's condo. yesterday at 11am. It was conducted by Kayla *the one in black shorts* who had choreo-ed the sets for an upcoming fitness convention.

While it was fun, it was HOT! Weather hot that is... I'm not burnt totally but I'm mighty dark at the moment...

It was a small group of ladies with a mix of several other California Fitness group instructors.

Who's above?

My 2 girls *Lauren joined the session too! She can do it and enjoyed it tremendously!*, me, Kayla, Felicia, Gail with Katia and her boys, Etienne and Philippe.

It was filled with music, laughter and hoots! but we don't have a picture of us smiling in the water as the sun was bright and water was in our faces... our next scheduled session is in 2 weeks time!

I'm looking forward to it and learning more about water dynamics and using water for resistance exercise...

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