Monday, March 09, 2009

Before & After 9 Years Later...

A girlfriend exclaimed to me over MSN when my pictures above came out that she could not accept that all of them were me. Just taken over the years.

First picture when I was about 22 years old..perhaps about 85kg, next when I was about 24 years old, standing around 99kg and the last picture of me turning 31 this year, 69kg... all me.. just in different stages of life and in a different body and state of health & mind.

Regular exercise really makes alot of difference to a person towards their general health and maintenance of youthfulness. If you're procrastinating about exercise and feel that you can relate to the first 2 pictures with a little cringe... then.. get off your ass and do something about it. Even a walk to begin with will do. Just do it. :)

Doesn't take 9 years to do it.. it can take a month or it can take a couple of months but if you're still reading this without a plan to do something. You'll still be the same state you're in.. 9 years later....


Michael Yip said...

fuiyoh! Share with me your diet regime, I need to get slim!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Wahha.. ok.. how about my existing regime? Wanna match?

6-8 hours of Cardio per week *dance* + 2 hours of weights resistance class + 3-4 hours of resistance training.


If I don't have class, I did this the past week on alternate days.

Climbed my 25 storey HDB block 8 times to total 3343 steps.


Ran 4km plus 2km of interval sprints.

Work it Michael! Work it!

arzhou (adrian) said...

Wow.. goes to show what hardwork can do. All this makes me more motivated to continue my 3 times a week gym + run on other days