Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Roast Belly & Garlic Potatoes

I grilled up some pork belly for dinner today.. the fat was juicy.. so much that it squealed and squirted at me when I opened the oven cover.. *grumble*... but overall it came out pretty good but Oh! So. Oily!! I had to make cups of green tea just to wash down the oil!

The skin was ultra crunchy though!

And this was with garlic potatoes.. its been the 3rd time we've had it since I've discovered the oven at home...and we can't get enough of garlic potatoes!!!... *slurps*

Last dish of grilled chicken found HERE.

Speaking of ovens, some people have asked what glass counter top oven I've been using and it is this one! Iona Vect-A-Jet. Costs perhaps about $100 but it was bought many years ago. And I don't know where you would find it anymore. It was bought at a neighbourhood electrical store over at Geylang East central.

Next up! Hawaiian Chicken! Will make that soon!

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Spank-A-Lot said...

Oooh a turbo broiler......power tool that one! And that is one sinful what helluva tasty looking dish!