Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fridge Story @ Wan Bao 7th March 09.

As a continuation to THIS POST on the con-job done for our fridge repair, the reporter from Wan Bao came over to take the story and took some pictures the other night. The article came out last night 7th of March 09.

First off I would have to say something before I continue.. but WAH LAU EH... my arm looks MASSIVELY huge can! WTF. *looks at self and picking up dumbells.. flatten against body also shouldn't be THAT bad RIGHT??* That is seriously a non flattering photo. I look so freaking tired and dulan. Pweee!!! And I really should have considered putting on some makeup before the photographer came to my house too. Bah!

Anyway... since this incident that day, we have tried to contact Evertech to try to come to some kind of comprimise to see what they can do to their so called "warranty" to ensure that it was a job done well but they REFUSED to send anyone down to check on their own workmanship.

So much for "warranty" huh. Have like don't have also.

Only once after a flurry of calls did we manage to get through to them which was handled with much hostility and that was their answer. Refused service.

Since then, we have gotten a recommendation from a friend who also had a Sanyo fridge and he recommended the Authorised repair company appointed by Sanyo to check out our fridge.

East Asia Refrigeration & Electrical Co.
Tel: 68422309

We called in the morning, they came down that very afternoon in a pair and assessed the fridge. Their service was very impressive. They did not spout boastful big words, worked efficiently and quickly, answered all my questions, changed the parts that needed changing, wiped the fridge down, defrosted any excess frost and best of all, gave us the option of paying by cheque at a later date after we have assessed that the fridge is in working order and that its back to satisfactory working condition.

Our fridge is now working fine now and less than half the price we paid previously with the exception that is colder than before! Its quiet too and the part that we cringed was they took a look at what the other company did and said EVERYTHING they did previously WAS totally UNECESSARY and worse, what they did by modifying the valves were actually "not approved - non standard" repair and it was offensively overcharged. *face palm*

So thats it people. EVERTECH BUILDERS & SERVICES aka COOLMEGA aka whatever company name they wanna call themselves using the company number of 68818662. Be Warned. FRAUDULENT COMPANY ALERT!

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