Friday, February 27, 2009

Fraud!! Fridge Repairman MIA - Do NOT use!!!

This is a case of unprofessional misconduct of a certain repair company.

This company was supposedly named Evertech Builders & Services. We had initially acquired their number through an internet search and found under

We had an issue with our fridge not being cold.

At 645pm on the 14th of February, we called their number, 68818662 and a lady named Angie arranged for a repairman to come down to our home that evening.

The repairman arrived around 845pm and proceeded to assess our appliance. After his assessment, he advised that we had a very good quality fridge that would last another 13 more years at "least" and it was his professional assessment that our issue would be solved after he had installed an access valve, introduced thawzone acid into our piping and top up the fridge gas. We trusted his evaluation and paid a very expensive cash payment of $265 for this repair.

We were provided with a cash bill invoice that stated a 6 month guarantee to the repair done and a namecard. He said to give the fridge another 3 hours for it to get back to its "normal" state and left.

The next morning, we found the fridge still warm and called them to come down to check on their repair. Angie mentioned that since it was a Sunday that none of their repairmen were available. We asked Monday? She said their schedule was full and would call me back.

Their online advertisements state that they are a 24 hour Singapore Islandwide Repair service.

We called again on Monday for an appointment and were told by Angie through her evaluation over the phone that it was our pc board and we must change it for an additional cash payment of $156 repair on top of what we had already done to get our fridge working again.

She suggested switching off our main switch and turning it back on after 10 minutes. We did so and our fridge came back on. But since that time, our fridge had been cutting off every 6-8 hours and we had to reset the fridge each time it happened. Obviously, this would spoil the fridge and cause a potential appliance shot-out towards the rest of our household appliances if this were to continue.

All our food had since spoiled and we have not been able to store fresh food in this fridge since then.

We wanted a re-assessment before we agreed to additional repair & installation of new components and requested that their repairman come down again to re-evaluate our fridge first to confirm that additional components were really necessary as we were not convinced that it was the board issue and could very well be the issue with their initial repair which was under their service guarantee!

We were quoted again for an additional $15 transport charge which we had agreed to pay as long they send down the repairman to assess our fridge.

During the call, I asked her where they were located as we wanted to go down to their office to discuss our repair if necessary but she refused to tell us where they were located. She said she will call us back after she set an appointment time. They never called back to let us know again.

So we called repeatedly over the next couple of days with no avail until 19th of Feb where my husband managed to reach Angie at noon and spoke to her on sending the repairman down. She said she will arrange and will call us back and then. Never called us back once more.

Since that day, we have repeatedly called them on their provided number at 68818662 and cannot got through. Their number was either busy or redirected to an M1 mobile number which was not picked up.

We had tried to look for their address and found that they had several listed addresses from one at Tagore Lane, to one at Paya Lebar *on the namecard*, to one at Geylang East *listed online*.

We had tried to email them at their provided email at and their email bounced back 5 times.Their provided website on their namecard is also non-existent.

We did a search online and were further horrified to note that they had very lately this week put up more listings but under a different company name called CoolMega instead of Evertech like previously.

They had listed under 3 totally different male names too.

Just the day before, we finally managed to get through this line which Angie picked up around 1230pm only to have her pretend that the phone was not working and "couldn't hear me" so she quickly put it down after a few "cannot hear you" exclamations. I am very sure that our phone had no issues and I could hear her clearly.

Since then, no one picked up the line with our calls and was redirected the mobile number. Further calls came to no avail and we feel that there is something very wrong with how this is being handled.

We feel that in this is clearly a case of non service, avoidance and unprofessional misconduct that there are underlying issues that this company will bring forth to others in similar manner.

For us, we had paid a $265 charge for a repair that was supposedly guaranteed to fix the fridge which it did not and supposedly came with a 6 month guarantee that has not even on the first level of contact fulfilled for followup.

I would like to bring this issue to light to avoid further families from being cheated by this company. If they can do this to one family, they can do it to more.

There are more cases too of dissatisfaction that I've found on them too! A case of one of the mothers on my parenting board...

"DO NOT, DO NOT ever use this company EVERTECH BUILDERS & SERVICES. I also found them on the 88 site, for my air-con. Job was to top up the gas on the aircon. The technician tried to get technical, talking about gauge, coil, condenser etc and asked for $400plus to get the job done. As it was an emergency as I had guests, I bargained it down to $160 just to top up the gas of 1 aircon."

This would not be the last we hear of this. I only want my fridge fixed but if it means a company has go to down for this, so be it. Fix my fridge!!


Rinko said...

ould report em to CASE really... this is outragoues

BLue said...

It's always better to get service by the electrical store you visited most. At least you know their company and location

Val said...

pls pls bring it to CASE!!

they deserve to be blacklisted & be brought to justice, just imagine how many "$265" they got away with!!!???

concerned said...

One should NEVER use those repair companies for repairing your TV, Fridge or Washing Machine etc listed in the Classified Ads. If you do, be prepared to be cheated. There may be some genuine ones but do play safe. The better way is to go back to the authorised agent, you are expected to pay slightly more but less chance of being cheated, in the end you will be paying a lot more.

Anonymous said...

hellos . just recently , I've got cheated by this company too . But now , I don't know whad i should do . Please give me some suggestion . And tell me how you've solved this . thank you . And can i ask you sth ? Is th repairman a skinhead ?
I've got cheated of $233 .
they also say top up gas and some acid in . For th first two days , my aircon was cold but after that , it went back to the same prob . th air coming out of th aircon was not cold . I can't reach them so .. what shld i do ?

Anonymous said...

hi, i am working in a restaurant n recently our ovens broke down. We too called this company. Same
3vertech builders. Same phone number, and as Mr Annoynomous said too, yes same skinhead repair man. By the way, he speaks teowchew right? Same phone operator Angie. Same situation as blogger.same empty promises to send repairman down for follow up and nobody showed up. We paid $370. Oven broke down within 6 minutes of their repair, and same thing, we were gaurenteeded 6 mnths too. and calls to thei so call office is either left unanswered or diverted to a similar unanswered M1 line. r

We have since reported the case to Small Claims Tribunial court and are gonna take severe legal actions against this fruad company.

I strongly advise ALL SINGAPOREANS to avoid this company. EVer7ech BuiLd3rs and S3rvic3s. Total Fraud. and thanks to blogger and Mr anoynomous for posting this issue and posting newspaper cutting.

what I said is my personal opinion and does not represent my company's claims in anyway whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is not the only company. I too contacted a guy called Derek (97878122), his ad appears in almost all the internet classified. Charged $180 to spray WD40 on the blower fan. Wanted $210but I refused.

Anonymous said...

i just got cheated by a guy call Derrick - (97878122) who i call for locksmith. He quoted me at $25 but when he arrived he told me the lock spoil have to change the lock for $80. off coz i arguing with him & I refused. He continue to open the door for less then 1min. I give him $50 but he didnt return to me $25. & tel me he charge for transpotation fee. I keep chasing him till downstair. He somemore trying hit me with his toolbox.
Now I'm going to make a police report at gaylang police station.
If you are having a some incident as me. I hope you can make a police report too. Is not a money matter but i do not hope the same incident happen again to others.
ANGRY .... ERRrrrr..

Anonymous said...

I got cheated by Derrick (97878122) also, he never gives receipt upon requests (obviously evading Singapore's tax). Once you give him your home address, he will leave you a traumatising experience of your whole life. You have been warned!!!

kelly said...

I wished I came across your post earlier. I had an awful experience with them TODAY. Come over and read about it.

If you go to CASE, please inform me. I am your extra witness!!

I have so far tweeted to more than 30 Singaporeans to warn them against this bloody CHEAT!

kelly said...

P.S. $400 for aircon gas????? I agree you've been conned. Gas of one aircon is only $3, which rose to $5 the next day (my experience with them).

Anonymous said...

Damn! should have checked b4 calling 6881 8662. Cheat unreasonable ridiculous pricing.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I know the post is a little outdated, but just want to say that I have just been cheated by this Derrick too. In a hurry moment I found his contact online and called him for a minor light fixing service and felt into a nightmare...

Just did a little web search (that's why i come across your blog) and found it's amazing that he's been going around cheating ppl at least since 2009, and does not even bother to change his number.

Is there no way to stop him roaming around freely cheating ppl? Any of you has taken action and need more evidence against him?