Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chicken Adobo, Chaipoh Omelette & Beansprouts

Coraine reminded me that I haven't put up some food pictures lately which I actually LOVE to do and I realise that I kinda missed it too! So I cooked again today after quite a while.

We ate early at 1030am after being rudely awakened at 730am by a screaming daughter who spotted a cockroach on the wall RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD.

There is some kind of cockroach frenzy over here lately! I don't know why?! Just some days back, we were complaining of a mozzie buffet season. There were mozzies EVERYWHERE buffeting on our bodies.

But it doesn't compare to over the past 3 days, we've caught and killed 15 cockroaches. INSANE O NOT?!?! WTF! How does 15 cockroaches get out and about in one house LIKE THAT!! 15!!!

Anyway... *snigger* from food to roaches.. abit gross I know.. but... moving on... I wash all my utensils, pots and cutlery before use okay!

We had Chicken Adobo with diced potatoes, Salted Fish Beansprouts *recipe for both of these can be found HERE and Chai Poh *salted radish* Omelette for lunch. Rice was an option.

The omelette was standard issue.

I dry fried the Chai Poh *salted radish* and minced garlic for about 5 minutes on low heat. Added the mixture to beaten eggs and made individual omelette rounds on the flatpan.

And now that its almost 3pm.. we're all hungry again.. time to make more food.. Enjoy!!


Dead Cockroach said...

Erm, the dead cockroach is here... *faster scurries away*

Dead Cockroach said...

Opps, forgot to add that the chicken looks amazing!

Aka Pamela S. said...

*WHIPS OUT BAYGON* cockroach!!!!

And hey.. thanks.. we like chicken too.

Mica said...

I saw live cockroaches being sold as a delicacy in China. So siguro those who like eating these insects will be thrilled to find 15 cockroaches in their kitchen!

Kidding aside, that full plate looks soooo good! I love adobo!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Mica! Hello... are you Alex's friend Mica?

And Imagine them collecting those cockroaches and freezing them so they can fry them up later for snacks *ok.. gross.. want to throw up now*