Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Difference 13 years Make!

As the last day of Chinese New Year rolls out and the CNY celebrations come to a close. It has been an interesting year for me so far and I hope it continues to be as exciting and more.

To all those that I have not given you my festive greetings, allow this to be one from me to you right now.

Happy Chinese New Year!

May you be healthy, wealthy and wiser this year

and that love and happiness fill your days always.

For this final CNY post before we call the festivities to an end. I'd like a before & after picture.. yeah! NO.. its not my weightloss before & after picture again! *okay okay.. I can hear the URRGHH... you can heave that sigh of relief... *

This one is a family picture! Taken 13 years ago in 1996.

Whos in it?
(Boy Behind) - Bryan.

(From Left to Right) - Nicolette, Vanessa, Alexandra *my sister*, Samantha, Stacey *baby in arms*, Me with Victoria, Jacqueline *my OTHER sister* and Zachary *other baby in arms*

Here I was about 16-17 years old, the eldest grandchild with my grandmother who still had a headful of black hair back then.

With my sisters and little cousins... *background music playing - reminiscent of days long back.... and then ZZZZZZZZZZZZip!! Into the Future of 2009!! And what do we have!!*

Everyone now AS TALL AS ME.. or EVEN TALLER!!
and my grandmother with a head full of silvery grey... :)

Whos in this now?
(From Back Left to Right)
- Alex, Me with Mikayla *now youngest cousin in the family*, Zachary, Nicolette, Vanessa, Samantha, Victoria, Stacey and a VERY TALL Bryan.

(From Front Left to Right) - Mama, Eirian, Steffie and Lauren.

Who's missing from this picture? Jacqueline *my OTHER sister* - who lives in the Philippines now.

Oh my.. what a difference.. 13 years make....

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