Sunday, February 22, 2009

On a Manhunt Search for a Hot Singaporean Male Blogger

Is there such a thing? Honestly?! Frankly. Is there a Hot Singaporean Male Blogger in our midst??

I'm not dissing existing male bloggers, some I've met, some at gatherings and some at events are all nice guys but I have HONESTLY not seen a HOT LOCAL MALE BLOGGER yet that I'd visit for superficial sake. If you feel you're a hot blogger *be a little thick skin, we'll forgive you*, tell me. I'll link it and us females will decide.

Perhaps he would camwhore? Or Perhaps he'd really have nice pictures that I would possibly drool over? *No, CJ doesn't have to worry about being jealous over anything....*

I plurked it and the response either came out in defiant indignantcy that there ARE such men.

Tell me. WHERE. Why is it that all I see are young, Jappy inspired style, highlighted standing up hair young guys flooding gathering pictures.... blogger events... with their multi colour blogs.

UPDATE: Please do not send me links of young "cute" male boys who fit the above description. They do not make the cut.

Don't ask me.. why am I SUDDENLY interested in this.. well its because I did some blog browsing and was damn freaking dulan seeing the "same type" of male blogger! Is that all we have?!

Some say the handsome ones must be Gay.. Okay.. so tell me WHERE IS that hot gay blogger?! Show me that link.

There are blogger babes galore.. GALORE!! u can easily bloghop and u can go FWWWUUAHH! Freaking chio lah!! But their opposite counterparts leh?

I now throw down this challenge. Show me 10 links to a HOT Singaporean Male Blogger before I declare our blogosphere devoid of such a thing.

Requirements: Be stalker worthy picture wise aka fulfills a majority standard of hotness and is LIVING in Singapore with a good, regularly updated running blog. Any race or age. Note that we're not necessarily looking for a POPULAR blogger but just a male that blogs! Who knows.. you may just be undiscovered?

And don't tell me what you think is hot may not be my standard of hot, just show it to me and I'll link it up here and we'll all see it for ourselves.

And don't start saying "who the hell do you think you are to throw down this challenge?" Whatever Okay! Show me proof and I'll shut up.

Seriously, I'm sure many females are now wondering and scratching their heads... if you know of one, cough it out... where are these elusive males... COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK!! If you think you're hot, just come out with it.

Don't give us machismo and say "I don't need to say I'm hot because I am". *facepalm* Whatever!!

My girlfriend BLOGGED about this manhunt blogger search too... send me a link if you blog about this too! You can email or leave a comment.

HSMB Recommended Shortlists *will be updated as they come in*
Not in order of merit. - While you'll never see his face on his blog. If you meet him in person, you'll find that he's pretty cute. *Had the opportunity of meeting him during a food review once* (Dr Leslie Tay) (Tay Ping Hui) *chinese blog - Unfortunately for pple like me who don't read chinese, this won't work but least he blogs* - Whoa GOOD RECOMMENDATION Karen!! - Taiwan (But I'll make an exception here bc he cam whores, a little young but not too bad!)


claudia said...

WHAT??? HFB is cute?? OMG!! He must be jumping in excitement now! LOL!!

Miss Loi said...

*Faints upon seeing #2 on the list*

Rachel Chung said...

like I said in plurk..

and I just thought of (Dr Leslie Tay) (Tay Ping Hui)

Aaron Peng said...

Haha. This should be interesting.
Have fun :)

krisandro said...

*Slaps Miss Loi with the awesomeness of a Honeymeow approved Hot Singaporean Male Blogger*

Angelia said...

Sam doesn't post his pics on his
blog but he's goodlooking although he'll probably balk at this comment.

well, i won't exactly say he's hot but everyone i know loves the guy from the starhub ad :)

Daniel said...

Thank you for nominating me... hahaha.... though my blog picture is not very flattering. :P

Anyway, nobody ever used the word 'HOT' on me!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Oye Daniel.. u're oozing cuteness can! Anyway u have OTHER nice pictures on my blog if only people types ur name on search.

YongWei said... is a very handsome guy

Daniel said...

Pam... Cute and Hot are two different things. lol

Anyway, the so-called HOT people may be too busy working out at the gyms, flirting at the clubs... not the kind who blogs... unless there is some camw**ring involved.

Darran said...

Wah ... I duno whether to laugh or be honored. But thx anyway!

Joseph C. said...

Hey, just happened to drop by your blog from a blog directory.
I've recently found out a few from the directory too but some are not singaporean and I just want to share. Anyway, you really transformed into a drop dead beauty.

I will stay tune to your blog. Enjoy.

:: g|ow :: * said...

he has to be the hottest ! haha


CornLord said...

Hot men...whoooaaa........
Too bad I got a Corny and Kiam Pa face... I dun qualify :(
but i dun mind see hot men's pictures...though i prefer chio gals pics...

Kris...saw ur pic b4...u kind of corny looking as me...come on...lets just sit here and admire other hot men... LOL


Aka Pamela S. said...

*eyes wide in shock* Drop Dead Beauty?! Thats like.. the sweetest compliment I've had today... sigh (hand to heart) Thank you. :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Daniel: Points to you and Darran.. both of u work out with me... and u both blog. So there must be more!!

Joseph C. said...

correction :

Willy's from Malaysia and worked here in Singapore sometimes. He doesn't look like someone aged 28.

Cheyanne said...

Gawd! Most of the guys listed cannot make the cut at all... Not cute nor hot... Disappointing lah! Young doesn't equate HOT or cute...

If i really HAVE to choose... only yongfook's pic look pretty decent thus far... The rest... sorry to say blah!

Anonymous said...

lol i was looking for a similar list...and u were the first link google threw up.

i have another list that i found on another forum; i believe this list is better than yours! hahaha :D

http :// duncan1216. blogspot. com/

http :// ededdeddee. livejournal. com/

http :// squawkster. blogspot. com/

http :// drownedinmyreflections. blogspot. com/

http :// popthemusicdrug. blogspot. com/

http :// chocolatepistol. blogspot. com/