Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How do you LOOK sad?

Last Thursday, I went for a press ad casting which my talent agent set me up for. For one, my agent is really fantastic lah! Very responsive, alot of lobangs and she really puts in her bids to submit & sell her talents as much as she can. While I haven't gotten a job from her talent listing yet, she hasn't failed to continue to submit my portfolio for what she feels might be suitable.

I don't blame her though as I understand its not in her hands to choose the talents for each production/TVC/Press Ad as it boils down to the client. Something good will come one day. She does help by sending me feedback on what the producers/clients have commented on me each time.

So I went for this casting with Lauren who I pulled out right after school and travelled straight to the clients place where I walked in & filled the casting form. It was an interesting experience.

Photographer: "Okay! Lets see Happy!"
Me: (Pose Smile Pose) *click click Oh yeah.. oh...good... click*

Photographer: "Left Profile? Smile! -- Okay... Right Profile? Smile! -- Okay!! Done!"

Photographer: "Okay, great! Now, Lets see Sad!"
Me: "Huh..." Oookay... (think sad..)

Photographer: "Do you want to compose yourself in the mirror?"
(Lauren giggling in the background) -.-'' I walked back after 1 minute of giggling to myself and come back trying to LOOK sad.

I look left and he has the camera in my face.

Photographer: "Okay.. NOW.. SAD."
Me: (Trying to feel EMO)
Lauren: "Mommy! you look stupid"
Me: (Evil Glare at my daughter then back to posing)

Photographer: "Err... Sad... NOT ANGRY"
Me: "Har? Damn! Was that angry? Hhaaha! Maybe I look angry when I'm sad?"
*Bursting out laughing again*

Photographer: "Okay.. try again.. ahh ok.. good! *click click click* We will be taking alot more photographs to get the shot okay?"

After about 5-6 shots, he puts his camera down again and says okay! and I burst out laughing again... WTF lah!! Whats with having the giggles!! They never stop when you want them to!

So thats it for the casting.. done and now waiting for their decision.. and now waiting for my agents casting appointment for an upcoming fastfood TVC if they shortlist me to go down for casting! Whoot! *Fingers crossed* If this TVC comes through.. that would be 2 TVCs down for me this year.. as soon as the OTHER Drink TVC gets filming soon... *filming has been delayed since end last year*

Well anyway, after I left the studio, I really wanted to know roughly HOW I could have looked for "sad" so I took some pictures and I was a little horrified.

Does THAT LOOK SAD TO YOU? No lorrrr!!!!!!! It looks more like... spoilt brat pouting. "Hmmmpfff!!!"

Hai... jialat.. try again next time perhaps if this doesn't go through... then after that was done... Lauren and I had some Mother Daughter time together at Sakae Sushi with the sushi train!

It was not too bad. $18.90++ for Adults and $10.90 for children and comes with unlimited sushi train plates except red plates. Adults have 1 complimentary red plate. Each diner is given a free bowl of seaweed Udon and 2 Mochi Ice-cream packs.

Lauren was thrilled to bits when she saw the sushi train and we totally wacked it once we sat down. She asked... "how many plates must I eat mommy?" I said "as much as you want but try to eat at least ... err.. 10 plates? Wahahahaa! *to make her $10 worth it right?*"

I was kidding but she looked so serious. "10 plates.. 10 plates.." she whispered to herself.. hahaha! I didn't want to stop her so we ate leisurely and then when it was ALL over... the destruction can be seen below...

21 plates. 3 containers of Edamame Peas. 4 packs of Mochi Icecream. 4 cups of water. And 2 bowls of Udon. *faints*

Whoaaa!!! We both ROLLED out of there 2 hours later... *burp!* Unbelievable... the people over there at Sakae Sushi would never believe that it was us who left that table.. Wahhaa!


Spank-A-Lot said...

now that is like helluva plates of sushi!

BLue said...

It's a lot for a mother and younger child to have

hyperX said...

By observing the plates, the bill must be very expensive...