Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blogging in Progress

Its such a pity that this picture came out so blurry but I really like it! I hate my CRAPPY SE phone.. I want a phone that won't go PMSy blurry on me as & when it feels like it!!!! BAH!

I was experimenting with some blue pearl eyeshadow that SILK MINERAL had given me and it turned out a hit! I went to a family gathering over at a Chinatown restaurant and CJ's relatives raved at how pretty it looked. Awwww *blushes*. 2 cheers for Silk Mineral Makeup! :)

And I've recently started using moisturiser.. yeah.. don't go. "har! you mean u never use moisturiser before?".

Well... yeah.. I only use face wash & face scrubs and the occasional face mask. But lately my face has been drying up a little more than usual *must be age & hormones* so I've tried Olay Total Effects and I must say.. my face lately is as soft as a babys' backside... *doiing doiing*. Not bad really for something thats only like $12.50 a bottle.. anyone recommend another moisturiser that is around the same price range but works better?

Anyway.. meanwhile, I've never had so many backlogged posts before!! So DO NOT DISTURB.. more to come plus one of the most image intensive post I've ever had coming right up!

Blogging in Progress....

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