Saturday, February 21, 2009


Eeeyarrrghhh!! But it is.. when I was 8 months pregnant with Eirian back in 2002. I was talking to Coraine over msn and she asked how I looked like when I was pregnant at close to 100kg heavy with baby. I pulled out a hard cover album on Lauren's shelf and whoa!! Found it!

Eeeeeyyyaaarrrgghh!! Thats. HUGE. I gained 25kg per pregnancy and thats AFTER I lose 10kg during the first trimester aka first 3 months from all that morning sickness and then get back to the same weight when I conceived and then BAM! another 25kg on top of that each time... phew!! Lauren came out at 3.495kg and Eirian came out at 3.650kg.

A really really really cute 2 year old Lauren and a really round belly on me with an 8 month Eirian swimming about inside.

Disclaimer: Please do not let this post and pictures scare potential parents to be on how you MAY become during and after pregnancy. Having kids has many rewards and satisfactions that unsurpasses temporary whale like moments. And if anything, you have proof here that you can bounce back or at least near to your former figure if you really want to post baby. :)

And this was me at the Zoo with a chubby hubby and a 1 year plus Lauren.... OMG.... *shudder* Ookay.. you can close your mouth and blink now... Pffft!


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Superman said...

At least you're pretty and slim now. :)