Thursday, April 23, 2009


I was at a photoshoot earlier today and took a couple of pictures but only left with 2 complimentary pictures as they wanted to sell me 7 pictures for $488! Thats INSANE! Who pays so much for so little pictures?!

Don't ask me who or where they are. I will not allow a credit to them simply because they absolutely pissed me off with the way they applied their sales tactics. By trying to convince me to sign on to their $3388 Lifetime photography package which I refused, they tried the parental guilt way while I was with Lauren.

When I started to look reluctant, they started with words like "Look Lauren, your pictures so nice hor! Your mommy don't want to get them for you" (And they really were really pretty but they were SO EXPENSIVE), "Don't be Selfish", "If You love her and she enjoyed it, you will get it for her, think of your Daughters, do it for them" - this wasn't even said in plea like tones.. more like statements which absolutely raged me out that I stopped them and chose 2 complimentary pictures and left.

And because I refused to pay for such an insane price for a photography package that I didn't need or pay for individual sets of 5+2 pictures for $488! - it upset Lauren because she was affected by the sales talk and I had to talk to her after we left to do some RECOVERY in explaining to her why I didn't buy the package and that it didn't mean I love her less. WTF.. seriously.. pressure tactics I understand but NOT when you do it so crudely. I was prepared to spend some money on some REALLY nice pictures but not $488!! Are you quite mad?!

I went from "I really like this - I'm really considering it" to "WTF, you expect me to pay you what with that kind of attitude?" $3388 can buy me SIX YEARS OF GYM MEMBERSHIP. Which would yield me MORE results and esthetical appeal than the supposed "Lifetime membership of Photography services" - who knows when the company will fold with that kind of attitude. More like.. for as long as the company is still alive.

Anyway, with my picture above, I opened it up on the computer and showed it to CJ and he exclaimed. "Nice! But Fwoaaahh laao! Very Mamasan ah? Just need a bottle of VSOP can already"

-.-'' Great. Just. Great.. while I realise that the leopard print slutty bareback dress really didn't help move me away from the mamasan image that I seem to be awarded with since I acted as one in last year's short film. The Red Geisha. It was compounded by the fact that I'm starting to really see my age. And that me being in my 30s is really starting to show. Sigh... getting old... must start to age more gracefully...


Isabelle, Singapore said...

WTF...That is daylight robbery plus blackmail.

Actually I found out that small bridal studios that do not offer a HUGE wardrobe selection offer a more competitive price range for similar services.

But in anycase, you look pwetty

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey Babe.. thanks.. :) Hey the tablets seem to be working!! The skin is feeling so springy!

Isabelle, Singapore said... fast ah?!

Glad to know you'll be in tiptop condition to beat the other IMEDEEN Women hands down:)

Aka Pamela S. said...

*cough cough* was there a even a contest? wahahahaha!

Jacelyn said...

hey hot mummy :P you did a great job by rejecting them! i am quite disgusted by these SAs who hard sell their stuff really badly. it's really irritating, especially beauty salons :/