Saturday, January 26, 2008

An Enchanted 5th Birthday....

My little girl turned 5 on the 17th of December 2007 and it was an Enchanted movie birthday for her and some friends.

We started the day heading towards Vivocity to meet the gang and catch Disney's Enchanted. It was the perfect show for Eirian as it had the whole mix of princess, fairytale, talking animals, dragons and catchy songs.

We invited a very select few, Diana aka Molemole with Shervon and Tristen, Sandra aka Twerp with Ian *his brother Kegan couldn't make it, he was sick! What a pity*, Wendy aka Arkerchi with Ashlyn and Averlyn, my mom in law and my sis in law with Gareth. All of which came to make the day extra special!

Here I am, on the way to Vivo with my very first pair of false eyelashes.. not a bad attempt for a first timer!

We headed to Golden Village, bought everyone tickets in the middle row. CJ loaded the kids with lollipops and candy canes while I went off to buy the bags of popcorn, nachos and drinks.

After the show, everyone headed to Harbourfront for McDonalds Happy meals! We requested for balloons too!

Here's Wendy with Aver having some home made food...yummy... it was Wendy's first time bringing both girls out alone and she did such a great job handling them! :)

Here's Lauren and Ian enjoying their happy meal. It so happens that Sandra *Ian's Mommy* and I were pregnant together for BOTH pregnancies. I had 2 girls and she had 2 boys. Her boys are both 2 weeks older than my girls respectively so all 4 of these kids literally grew up knowing eachother pretty much from birth and there they are now! Turning 8 this year! Damn!! *I'm getting old*

And Eirian, the birthday girl posing with her new friend, Ashlyn.

My momma in law, Cat.. with my sister in law Serene and Gareth!...

And of course how do you have a birthday party without the daddy! CJ... attempting to pose with a french fry.

And fried carbo... *droools* Must resist, must resist... who can resist crispy hot french fries!! Me!! *faint* (Attempting to sniff and lick the computer screen)

We all then headed to Breadtalk to grab a cake and Eirian chose a strawberry vanilla snowman cake. It was SO DELICIOUS!!! ... I never knew Breadtalk's cakes were good. THIS was good.

We then hijacked a table at the Waterplay area, battled against winds to light the birthday candles and gave her our heartiest Happy Birthday Song. Ate the cakes. Briefed the kids NOT to run along the water and away they went!

One last pose before they all headed into the water fountain for some water play. Whooppeee!!!
After about an hour of water play and with dry clothes on, everyone split up to make their way home or out for the evening while we lingered a little longer, pressing our little itchy fingers on the toys at Toys R Us.
Then it was dinner time! Off we went to a Japanese restaurant where we stuffed Eirian silly with her favourite sushi... and Ebi Tempura... Yumm.....*Drools.. I love California sushi too!*

And a final family shot with my momma in law and her 3 grand children... What a day.. and Happy Birthday Sweetheart... Mommy and Daddy loves u deep deep! ~

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