Saturday, January 05, 2008

OH my GOD - We're Kutu-ed!

My daughter...

Plus this

= Equals =


Albeit being a common problem amongst children and especially Primary school going children. Any parent would dread a call to hear that their child has head lice. Read up more about it here if u have kids because u really never know when this will come in handy.

Anyway...... Lice!! Kutu u know!! *faints while hair standing*

Fresh from a morning workout at the gym and on the way into the studio, I recieved a msg from my sister in law informing me that Lauren has lice!!! and it got me exclaiming in the most horrendous fashion in the middle of Bugis Junction: " Whaa daaa faaaaarrrk!!!" Lice?!?!? How can? Huh? Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" *thud*

Immediately that followed with a flurry of phone calls to cancel playdate appointments, movie dates, calling the school and childcare centres to pull my children out of school with immediate effect all while rushing down from Bugis back home.

Lice!!! Argh! My SIL brought Lauren to meet me at the school gate and I peered into her head. ARHGHGHGH!!!! Confirmed. Its lice. *faints again* I saw the nits so I proceeded to withdraw her from school for the day, rushed down to the childcare centre and pulled Eirian out too and inspected her. With much relief, Eirian was and is still lice free.

We huffed our way down to the hair dressers and lopped Lauren's hair to a crop which she *and I'm so proud of her for being so obedient - or was it freaked out bc I kept on saying. Lau! U have BUGS growing on ur head!!!! ok.. so I wasn't very tactful but still! They're bugs!!!* quietly agreed to sit still to chop her locks off. Thank god she didn't burst out crying.

From this...

To this...

We then headed to purchase a lice comb and 4 boxes *costs about SGD$4.50 each from the chinese medical hall* of anti-lice shampoo *kiasu heheh but they're such small bottles!! Like sample shampoo size can?!?!? They must have parent size aka BIG anti kutu shampoo bottles for parents like me * and headed home where the freaked out mommy in me proceeded to treat EVERYONE'S HEAD including mine with kutu shampoo. I proceeded to cut everyone's nails as short as humanly possible too.

I then literally tore off all bedsheets, towels and stuffed toys,dolls and blankets that I could see and shoved them all in the washing machine with a heavy dose of clorox and detergent.

Disintefected their bedroom and washed their fans and cleaned the floors. Used a bleach solution and wiped down my sofas and anything near the head areas and soaked the hairbrushes. My washing machine never worked so hard in just one day. It literally didn't stop working till I fell asleep.

All in all, I treated her hair with the shampoo 3 times on the first day *was getting a little obsessed with killing the damned lice* - shampoo and leave in for 15 mins before washing off and spent about 2-3 hours sitting in the bathroom doing the monkey thing and sieving through her hair and pulling out the nits.

The hubster decided that he'd sleep with his big baby since she didn't want to sleep alone, after all, he CAN shave his head bald in event that he does get it. I inspected him before he went to bed and in the morning when he woke up. All clear.

Day 2 - Nit removal was pretty successful the day before and after another treatment in the morning and another 1.5 hours of sieving through her hair, the most I found was 5 nits. *phew* I blew dried her hair while she sat there complaining all while playing games on my hp. *roll eyes & shake head - kids these days* just so that I could evenly separate the strands and also in hope to heat up her hair enough so that the nits would get too uncomfortable to continue to live on her head.

It would be time for another treatment in a couple of hours time and another monkey mommy session and cross my fingers that I'm getting as many nits as I can *but really so far so good, I'm proud to say that that eye crossing, arm aching session the day before was quite effective* and no one else at home gets infected and clear her up by Monday for school. AND HOPE THAT HER CLASSMATES *suay suay* don't re-infect her if they have lice too.

Apparently, not all parents as as kancheong as me to completely pull their child out of school till they have as best they could, treated something like head lice. Arrrghhh!!!

I remember having kutu when I was young too, it even got to a point where they grew and I could FEEL them moving about -GROSSS!!! My mother soaked my head in vinegar, lopped my hair to a boy's crop and I was REALLY miserable for some time.

The hubster said his mom soaked his head in KEROSENE... well... to each his own.. as long as they die.. I think a parent will do ANYTHING to get rid of them.

*scratch scratch* Praying so hard that lice will find me unappealing....Arrrghhhhh!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!! Die Kutu dieeee!!!!!! *evil glint in my eye*

Update: Just did this evenings', wash & monkey sieve and we're proud to say that she's NIT FREE!! Yayyy!!!! DIE KUTU DIE!!! BWHAHAHAHAHa..

2 more times tomorrow and we're safe for school on Monday.. *Fingers crossed!!*

Lauren Signing out... Muaks!! *Happy Happy!*

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