Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Before & After...

And so the journey begins, here I was around 1st of September 2007 standing proud at 96 -100kg.. I stepped on the scale and finally decided that being that size was too much, too big... I couldn't move properly, my clothes only came in XXXXL or maybe 3XL if I got lucky, my pants fit a size 18 or bigger, skin wasn't all that healthy and generally all too pudgy all around.

And there I am after... standing at 80kg.. photo taken on the 17th of December 2007. Lighter, healthier and definitely somewhat smaller.. effectively dropping 16kg plus minus in less than 2 months *I hit 80kg by end October already* by working with my hubster on a modified carb free diet that included a good dose of exercise.

Still big sized at 80kg *not many Singaporean ladies are even this size! Many already complain of being TOO FAT at 60kg!*... my next phase has begun again after a month on a carb holiday (where I had everything and anything carb) to continue the weight loss till I reach around 55-60kg before I hit my 30th birthday in July this year.... wish me luck!

And here is a more full body profile... *wah lau look at those WHALE LIKE ARMS!!, tubby waist.. oh wait.. there IS NO WAIST and that ass.. *faint....... thud* and remember those jeans? It was honestly THAT TIGHT for those who couldn't believe I was wearing my own jeans to do this ---> Click here to see what happens when u can fit a chicken in there! ... so thats how 100kg looks like in a size 44 jeans.. and then after.. in a size 36 jeans, 2 months later. And I'm not tall either.. I'm only standing at 163cm!

And finally... a couple shot.. of CJ and myself.. when he was standing round at 112kg right after one of our events, even a black outfit cannot conceal how pudgy we were ok! And then 2 months later... with CJ, 20kg lighter *he's even lighter and so macho now!* taken right after we finished emceeing our daughter's school's graduation concert on the 16th of November 07... where I was "Miss Crystal Sia" (see the crystal prawn on my dress?) and the hubby was "the Flying Singaporean!" (see his rainbow wings!) and we worked the crowd ala dance floor style.. phew!...

And this was him, probably around 115kg...

And a Much Happier and Fitter him... on Christmas Day 2007.. around 90kg..

I will do this before and after post twice on this blog and the next time you'll see another before and after post will be probably 4 months down the road where I expect to have completed my 2nd round of going carb free. So here's to a new 2008 and a new us before I hit the big 3-0!
So if you're considering doing something about your weight this year as a resolution, take heart to know that IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU.

And incase anyone feels like asking how we did it. Please.... I just have 6 easy words for you.

Diet and Exercise. Just do it.

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