Friday, January 11, 2008

Jane Doe 91.3FM

Presenting Jane Doe, up and coming Deejay as heard over 91.3FM, ex collegue and one of my favourite gal pals. Also lovingly known as Pree... or formally... Preetha D.

And yes.. that's Eirian.. looking a little impatient because she wants to turn around to see the fish behind her! *quick mommy quick!! take the picture already!!*

She's Singapore's ONLY female indian DJ on an English station and that's gotta count for something! Cool!! Thats an achievement by itself. *I'm so proud of you!*

From some years ago where we sat side by side at work, weaving daydreams together on what we wanted to do... from running my business to her being a DJ and time passed.. and here we all are today. Exactly where we said we would be and doing what we want to do. Amazing...

If you're a 91.3FM fan, you would have heard her over the past couple of months on first on Saturday night request fests with Elliott Danker to moving to SOLO weekday afternoon tunes from 2pm-5pm and boy! Weren't the afternoons just that more entertaining with her on air!

While she's not on these timeslots anymore, she's now audibly available on SATURDAYs and SUNDAYs from 12 noon to 6pm so listen in, call in and give her some luuuurrrveee!

Click here to listen online.

This is one amazing gal that's heading somewhere up there in the radio industry whether locally or internationally and I'm proud to note that you've heard first news on her here on this blog... this is now a piece of history of one of Singapore's future celebs. :)

Oh and those who were walking around Suntec's fountain of Wealth and heard that LOVELY voice booming over the loud speakers reading out all those mushy song dedications... well who do you think reads all those to entertain you when you're pondering what to eat or trying to "turn your fortune around" while strolling around the fountain of Wealth..

It's none other than. Preetha aka Miss Jane Doe herself. Whoaaa!! So now u know.. next time.. Say hi and be nice. :)

I know that there are fans out there who have been wondering why looking for this chick online has been so hard but hey.. she finally has a facebook here too! Check that out!

So here's coming from one of Jane Doe's biggest fans... me... *muaks*

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