Saturday, January 26, 2008

We love Seoul Garden!

If its a buffet, we're there. We totally looooove buffets of all kinds. If we have to cook it ourselves.. heck.. whatever, we'll do that too! And when we eat, we really really eat. Even on our diet, we take in massive amounts of food! We literally "kill" a cow with the amount of beef we wack at Seoul Garden and some chickens too. Seoul Garden at Bugis sees us alot. ALOT. Probably also because right after working out in the morning at the gym together, we're hungry hungry HUNGRY!!

We fill our chicken stock with fishballs *has flour so as carbs but we still take it; as CJ says "how many fishballs can you eat!"*, preserved veggies, tau pok, sausages and fresh chili *very good for Atkins*

This is the sight I see all the time when I peer across the table.. CJ wacking the cooked chilis and him dipping rare *aka pretty much raw* beef into the pot, dipping it with raw egg and korean chili and *ssllluuurrp!* Chomp! Chomp!

I took this bowl of icecream with raisins, peanuts, tadpole jellies and a hawthorn fruit when I was on a carb break... *but no icecream when you're on diet hor! Resist! resist!*

And a freshly worked out me, pleased to be sitting at an almost empty Seoul Garden AGAIN before noon. *and yes, no makeup here... blahhh - Grin!*

One of my carb holiday choices... PASTA!! I love pasta of all kinds and will WACK when I see it.. Olives are great on a diet, meat is a definite choice, no papadums - flour flour!!, lettuce is good too, watermelon is a good choice, Orange? Nope! and fresh mushrooms is better than dried mushrooms in terms of carb count... BUT since I was on a carb holiday where I could eat any kind of carb I wanted... Bwuhhahaha... all that above is definitely my choice of food.

Moving down to a more diet friendly plate, ladies finger... not too much because of the carb count, meat a definite choice, boiled egg? Yes!!, lettuce pieces... yumm, and dragon fruit? Well apparently, dragon fruit is pretty high in carbs too but I still take 2 pieces anyway.

And my 2nd plate... as u can see, we take a pretty large amount of meat in our diet.

And finally another plate filled with chicken and beef... I like!! Chilis are good and do I see a hint of coleslaw? Yes... I LOVE coleslaw but not too much! Cabbage and carrots has a higher level of carbs than lettuce, almost double. And that pink swirly thing of a fishcake above? Well thats just for decorative purposes only! FLOUR!!!!! hahahaha....

And whats eating without playing with your food after! Bwhahahaha.. some after lunch weiner games with left over little sausages, clam shells, fishballs and olives.. remind u of anything? Hhahaha... mini peckers!

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