Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yummy Yam Me!


I love it fried. I love it boiled. I loved it mashed. I love it cooked in coconut milk with chicken. I love yam dumplings from Yum Cha as taken above *slurp*... I love yam paste with gingko nuts aka Orr Neee. I love Yam ice-cream *esp. CREMO - which is a malaysian brand which has the most heavenly yam icecream... its like they baked the yam before they mashed it into icecream!!* *Drools..*

But 2 yam dishes come to mind when you say yam to me... the 2nd runner up is this...

Yam Cake from Aunty Foo... you'll NEVER get to buy this outside anywhere because its HOMEMADE! My ex collegue *Aunty Foo = her mom lah* bought a portion to work one day for me and I totally fell in love with it.. OW KUAY!! with so much LIAO *filling*. FWAHHH!!!

This aunty really can cook. Really really Can Cook.
So one day, I asked if she can make me one. I was expecting A PORTION but she made me a whole cake for my birthday last year. It was SO BLOODY BIG.. around 35cm in diameter and SOOOO heavy and thick with all that minced meat, fresh prawns, hae bee, fresh red chilies, mushrooms, fried lard *pork fat*, and chives...

Wah lau... so I couldn't resist it and ordered it again... and this time, I ordered 2. She's particular about having good yams and only makes it when the yams are good.. *thinking.. got GOOD & BAD yam meh?*

I delivered one over to Moley once I got my hands on them. Good things must share share right? And went home to muse at the one I had at home.. *kicking myself - I couldn't eat it because I'm carb free for the next 3 months so only can sniff and drool while everyone else eats it and go.. yuuuuummm!!!*
Molemole gave the comment "freakingly delicious" which I take as she liked it too.
Its just so GOOD.

With good comments all around.. and best compliments to the Chef. My brother in law gawked when I told him how much they cost and you may be wondering too.. they're $30 per cake. BUT ITS SO WORTH IT!!!

Tastes so good, so much fresh ingredients and those supporting ingredients aren't cheap either and she takes practically the whole day to prepare and make it and put it in a specially ordered box which she buys from the bakery. CJ says its worth it because its really good.

So if anyone wants to order a yam cake from Aunty Foo, I'll put you in touch with her daughter and be prepared to wait till she "feels there are good yams that day". Hahhaa..

Go on... hahah sniff the screen, you know you want to... yuummmm..... *drools*

The WINNER however is the yam cakes aka OW Kuays from Stall 89 Carrot Cake at the Circuit Road market over at MacPherson.

The hubster, CJ grew up eating this ow kuay and introduced it to me early on in our relationship... hey we've been together for more than 12 years already ok! Thats alot of yam in my system.. hhehhe... Its just so good and brings back so much memories of many a morning where we'd bump into family members at the market queing for some of these and the very early in the morning strolls together just to buy them fresh incase they sell out and THEY SELL OUT! Must go early before 9am or say bye bye to freshly fried yam cakes.

Drizzled with black sweet sauce, these minced yam cakes are covered in a gelatinous skin and wok fried till the tops are crispy, sides are chewy and the insides just heavenly.... *drool* So gooood... *kicking myself again.. I'm carb free so this is FIRST on my list once I break carb next in 3 months time, or maybe for CNY!*

The only thing about this yam cake is that its ONLY AVAILABLE on TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS only so any other days, you will only see him frying carrot cake.

Each of these cakes cost about $0.60 cents each and we NEVER leave with at least 15 pieces to bring home and savour... they also sell rice cakes aka png kuay, chive cake aka gu chai kuay and turnip cake aka soon kuays which are just as tasty and worth ordering if you like those kinds.

This uncle and aunty has practically seen my hubby grow up from a mischivious boy to a teen to a man and father of 2. Needless to say, they hold alot of sentimental value in our lives.

Another must buy from this stall is their CARROT CAKE. Either in black or white, with or without chili. He fries them with a special fish sauce and it tastes SO GOOD! Apart from being really oily which isn't really such a bad thing for this because it makes it taste better, the portions are small but this is where quality reigns over quantity. You only need so much of a good thing to feel satisfied.

Our favourite order still stands at white with chili... soft tasty chunks of carrot cake fried to a perfect crisp with a good smattering of egg. *Drool*

So this is a die die must try one day kind of stall...5 chopstick out of 5 chopstick rating. :)

Here's the hubster CJ just feeling happy that we're on our way on our morning stroll to get them ow kuays with Lauren... Happy Happy!!

Say Cheese!! (Aiyahh!!! Put down those fingers lah!! *pam rolls eyes*)

What to do? We all get a little euphoric when we know we'll be yamming ourselves silly soon...

Yummy Yam Me!!

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