Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lauren's 7th Birthday

Since I finally managed to get Eirian's Birthday pictures up, here's Lauren's party the month before that on the 15th of November 2007. She turned 7 and we held the party at the Berri Werks Play Yard. Another birthday post by moley can be found here.

She invited her classmates and friends of which a good handful *around 40 people* came to join in the fun, played alot of VERY noisy games, ate the food I COOKED. *Ok, mostly cooked by me...*, took alot of goodybags, played with bubbles, stuffed themselves silly with Birthday cupcakes, popped balloons, won prizes, twisted balloons, had some face painting and glitter tattoos done on them and literally trashed the place.. all the name of enjoyment. The post party cleanup was a little bit if a nightmare! Hahahahha....

It literally took us 2 days to prepare all this, from buying all the ingredients to cooking the night before and frying up all the little bits the morning itself!

Her birthday cupcakes are sponsored lovingly by her Koh Koh Serene and Uncle Mark. A total of 40 chocolate pink cupcakes in all baked by Cupcake Momma!

Very. Very pretty cupcakes! Very well recieved too!

So we had sausage octopuses... and chicken nuggets...

We fried up fresh fishballs *point to note, next time must buy those frozen kinds better, these literally deflated and became wrinkly ole feeeshballs by the time the party started*

Quail eggs! The children's favourite!

Special shaped Agar Agar! All this were snapped up quickly too! Jeeeehhhlleeeee!! My mom in law helped to make these.. she makes the best jelly!!!

And of course, even more jelleee!!! I love Jelly!

Roasted Chicken wings...we brought along a small pack and bam! all gone too!

Amosco has great thaw & serve pastries but they come in HUGE quantities but they're so cheap! So if you're holding a party for at least 40 people.. the mini chocolate eclairs are just HEAVENLY... and the mini strawberry rolls are not that bad either.

Of course, a party needs some extra sugary gummies...
Perhaps a little caramel popcorn....

A giant serving of cheesy pasta bolognaise... I made an insane amount of pasta for this party.

Yum *droolls* I love pasta bolognaise....

And of course the best side dish to my pasta would be... cheesy potato salad topped with bacon bits!... *saliva pooling on my keyboard......*

And for those who don't know, I also come multi talented not only as mom aka emcee aka host amongst others. I am also a face painter, a balloon artist and a glitter tatooist. So if you're keen on having something for your child's birthday party, you're welcome to hire me or one of my talents. You can email me at to check for our availability! But before you do so, please note that 1st hour is charged at a min. $150 and subsquent hours are $80-100 per hour thereafter and I want a piece of birthday cake too! hahahaha...

Glitter tattooos!!! Always a hit with the girls at any party.. and the moms too!

The little mountain of giant goodybags for all the party participants and the shelf of prizes too!

Happy 7th Birthday Lau Lau!!!.... You're growing up so fast... I hope you enjoyed your day.

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