Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Chockful of CNY Greetings from the Sims!

The first couple days of CNY has come and gone but people are still around celebrating.. Here's wishing Gong Xi Fa Cai from Lauren and Eirian to all my friends and to those who read my blog.. thank you!

Both Lauren and Eirian on the first day of Chinese New Year all ready to go visiting in their cheena girl outfits...

And me on the first day... Happy New Year everyone!! *ahem no comments that I'm looking a little stunned ok.. I know that already.. hahha alot of Ang Pows to give out mah!!!*

And my Mister Humsup hubby... HUAT HUAT HUAT AH!! We absolutely LOVE this shirt on him.. not only because he's looking rather.. macho in it... *gggrowll....* but that he can finally fit into a shirt like this! I haven't seen him in FITTED clothes like this for over a DECADE!! I like.

Lauren on the way to visit relatives in a cab... Say Cheese!!

And isn't this like the CUTEST picture of Eirian in the cab too! Aiiiiiii!! *pinch her cheeks*

And another shot of us in the cab after we left Cupcake Momma's House on the way to the Dojo for yet another CNY food feast... *cab drivers must think we're nuts.*
Here's wishing you a prosperous and lucky new year to you!!! HUAT HUAT HUAT!!
Hahaha.. I can't get enough of HUATing everyone! This year is going to be FABULOUS!!

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