Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You have been warned.

*Valentines Day Update Below*

This is a warning to those who are going to talk to me tomorrow, on Valentines Day.

Be warned. I'm going to complain. ALOT.

I took my first spinning class today. My sister, Alexandra is a spinning instructor at California Fitness. Some of you may already know her. Picture of us above taken on Christmas evening 2007. She has been constantly trying to get me to spin but I've never tried so today, I thought I'd try it and I did.. it wasn't my sister's class but another lady who was running the intermediate class. Gay Kiang think I can do it even though I never tried it before so I did it.. and according to CJ outside watching me behind the glass.. I did it quite well too.. Quite happy about it.. I ended the class in high spirits and in alot of sweat.. phew! and then...

.....adrenaline drained away throughout the day and AAAAAAARRRGGHHH!! faaarrrkkkk!!! Damn Damn Damn!!!

My legs are now dying. I'm walking like a freaking duck. And I cannot imagine how I'm going to be tomorrow morning.. its going to be bad. I'm sitting here under a thick blanket with my thighs COVERED IN COUNTERPAIN.

So prepare yourself if you're going to be talking to me tomorrow.

Expect alot of Yelping. Cursing and even more cursing... ... you have been warned. *Gumble grumble grumble*

*UPDATE: Well, it turns out that I woke up fine this morning. Just like normal! I'm amazed at the rate of recovery this time round and I think wrapping my thighs in counterpain last night worked so well!!.. Time to buy a new tube of Counterpain liao!! Whoo hooo!!*

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