Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mark's Wedding Part 2

The Wedding Dinner finally came after all that flurry in the morning and as usual, cocktails began at 7pm at the Conrad Centennial Hotel. Donned with my newly selected black halter pants suit and CJ in his ethnic indian top, we recieved a whole hosts of ooohhss and ahhhhs.. and "Pamela! Is that you?" exclamations which was very flattering all around.

I met long time distant relatives, mostly those that I really didn't know existed and paid my greetings to the ones that I did know...

And amongst the sea of people in black, grey and green... my dad had to be the only one in blue.. striking blue stripes too.... arghhh....
*CJ: nudge nudge, "eh ur dad is there".. point point....*
*Me: "Eh... lets pretend not to know him.. rolls eyes...wah lau...haha..."
Well he couldn't be missed after all... and we said our "Hi!" and made our way to register and search for our table. Table 5! Whooot! Food! I was hungry! This shot of him is a rare shot of him smiling. He never smiles and if he does.. its rare and I'm so glad I caught it on camera! *Sigh.. thats my D!*

It was a typical chinese menu... and food was served individually so there wasn't really much of a presentation to take pictures of. So no food pictures here...The little bear was cute though and I made off with 12 of them little critters before the night was over... thanks to the donations from my table.. and also snapping up some from the next table who left without taking theirs.. heheh.

And we finally took a shot together.. this too is a VERY rare shot. VERY RARE. I don't remember the last time we even had a picture together so this picture. Is now very precious to me.

If you find him familiar, its probably you know him from SIA. He's the senior foreman *maintenance* there. So when your plane flys smoothly up into the air, you know he's one of the team behind keeping you safe in the air...

So from the man who made me... above.. my D! To the man who married me... below.. CJ!

Aiyoohh! Lao gong!! U sooo hamsap...*cough* I mean.. handsome... heh heh heh... ok lah.. I love u lah...
And my Mama! My dad's mommy... this also is a rare shot.. wahh last night should have taken more pictures... my mama was a TTSH nurse when she was younger and she was SIIIBEII CHIOOO AHHH!!!!! Must find that photo of her when she was younger. *ahem, I know that my arms are looking crazy big but ... whatever ok!*
Now that she's older, she's partially deaf. 60% gone in one ear and 40% in the other so I joke with her.. "60+40=100% right? Mama! You're 100% deaf leh!!" And poke her in the ribs and she still laughs heartily... *phew! at least she knows I have a sick sense of humour...* I love this lady.. she always kept the best part of the chicken for me...and you know.. I looove chicken.

My table was literally POWER PACKED! We had high flyers all around the whole table. My dad's baby sister, my Aunty Irene here with her dentist hubby, my Uncle Ben... specialising in root canals.. whooo.. now thats where the $$kaching$$ is eh!

And my dad's brother - Uncle David, filthy rich high profile oil broker with his wife Caroline.. *He literally already retired about 10 years ago after amassing a fortune from brokering*.. Envy envy..
His collection of sports cars are enough to make car enthusiasts drool, cry and pee IMMEDIATELY. If you think you have the highest vehicle specs, he has them higher. Now that's what you call big boy toys!!!
He also created the now closed bar "Fluid". I guess he got bored so he closed it down but it was pretty hot while it was in operations then some years ago...
My dad's sister, my aunty Adeline who is now the PR director for the Four Seasons Hotel... she really knows her PR and of course our Notorious Uncle Robert Young of the AIA Robert Young Agency.. EVERYONE at AIA knows him.. notoriously hahaha.. he knows the funniest jokes which always cracks me up during family dinners but he always has this serious side to me each time he pulls me aside... always holds my hand and asks me in all sincerity "you doing ok?" and "marriage needs effort ok? From both parties... " He never fails to ask me that quietly and every time we meet. *touched*

He met CJ some time before we got married and drilled him a little and said to me "Just wanna make sure that my niece isnt' going to be marrying a bastard bum"... hahahahah awwwwwww....I guess CJ passed! Heh Heh Heh!

And my Grand-Aunty Margaret aka my Aunty Margs aka my Dad's Aunt ... she is the BEST COOK EVER! She makes the best nonya food. Pastries. Achar. Cookies and Cakes... REALLY. She's super talented and her food. Is. To. Die. For. Seriously.
And of course for health's sake.. a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart. And Circulation too!

I love weddings esp when there are alot of people there I know. And it was a good time to reconnect with those that I've not seen for a long time or those I see only once a year during Chinese New Year... at least I can say I've seen everyone twice this year already! Hehhee!

And whats a wedding without flowers... the colour theme for this wedding, white, cream and green. Very fresh and very sweet all the same...

And a group shot... not with everyone... *of course I'll have to get that from the groom in a couple weeks but with my papa... various relatives and my grandmother's two close male kin. My Uncle Kim, on her right in black who tuitions primary school kids and my Uncle Poh on her left who does FABULOUS foot reflexology. He's retiring in the month's time and will be doing ad-hoc food reflexology on a per client basis IF he feels like it.. ahaha and thats how being retired should be. When you feel like it. :)

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